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Spellchecker function

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If you're ever questioning if a word is spelled correctly or not, you can always use the built in spellchecker, it works like this:

  1. Write your post.
  2. Press the "ABC" icon:

  3. Check your post again, any words underlined by a red line can be clicked for correction suggestions.

    5. After entering corrections, submit the post for the community to read.

If you have any question about the spellchecker function, please feel free to post below :)

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When you type in something like inbetween (or anything you want to split into two separate words) and try and edit it you can't because the suggestions box sits on top of the word. Any possibility of having it sit off to the right a little?

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@DamoSk wrote:

Nice having a spell checker........ is there facility to update posts once submitted?





Hi @DamoSk Once you have posted your reply you can edit it up to 30 mins later. 

Click on the icon and then click on "edit" in the pop up box.


After 30 mins you can't edit and will just have to do a new post. :Smile:

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