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Is this the greatest idea ever ?


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Unibet olympics or Unimpics :D

For all of us who are very competitive and likes to gamble everything there is to gamble and more.

So the idea would be that for one week we would try to win as much as possible in every category in Unibet: poker, betting, casino, live casino and bingo. Maybe not lotto.... or maybe yes :D

We would start for example 10€ (yes, somethings cost, so not for tikiet shouters this one) and every category there would be weekly winner and overall winner too after all categorys have passed.

So if you are up to it, write hell yeah :rockon: and because i´m a fair guy other option, if you are cheap and boring, is to suck my balls :puking: and i will announce myself as winner :popeye:

(Couldn´t find better place to post this so i did it here, can be removed)


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Well...maybe better make something similar in a Unibet Community Xmas Calendar....

1: Then folks get a chanse to prepair for it...not all players have economi to just play evry day...

2: Also give the best staff of Unibet a chanse to make this interesting...

Me..I would not gamble on anythiong 2day even if I had the chanse...why:

Community rank 13

Member for 13 years

Date 2day is Friday 13

I choose not to even go outside...staying in sofa and play some free poker tourneys ^_^



Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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