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As mentioned here, we'll be announcing the post of the week.

There have been many interesting and insightful posts in the previous week, although we find one post a bit more extra ordinary than the others. We're obviously referring to the great post that  wrote yesterday (June 26th), which you can read here.

Steve, we're really glad that you took your time to write this post and share your thoughts about the community! Not only does your story pretty much sum up the whole purpose of the community, but you've also summarized some of the most crucial challenges we face in the coming weeks - e.g. how we're going to keep the same engagement level after the Euros.

As it's the first time we're announcing the post of the week, you'll also receive a cool Unibet track top! We'll get in touch to discuss size, delivery, etc. 498262781_GHshirt.PNG.4ab9b8d4685dbf43e60f834f1be6f4e5.PNG

And of course, no post of the week without a fun badge - kudos to  for being the first member to get this badge :smileyhappy:


We'll be giving a €25 bonus to all members who write a post of the week in the future - , you'll receive the bonus tonight.

Former community moderator
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Thank you very much for the award guys – very much appreciated. I’m impressed that you got Glenn Hoddle to model my Unibet track top!  I will wear it with pride.

…. and thanks for the various responses to my post. It is clear that the interests of members extend well beyond the Euros, and that there is a fair degree of interaction about a wide range of topics on the site which bodes well for the future.  


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