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Daily Refund - Correct Score


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As we've seen a lot of members participating in our Daily Refund promotion during the Euro Football, we've decided to continue the daily refund concept. Since there's only 1 match per day from tomorrow going forward, we've had to make a slight change in the setup - instead of placing a bet on 1X2, you must now place a bet on the correct score of a match. If you hit the number of one team's goals on your coupon, you'll get the bet refunded as a bonus.

Here is how it works:

1. Place a pre-match bet of €10 or more on the correct score of a Euro Football match and post a picture of the bet in this thread.

2. If you predict one teams amount of goals without winning your bet, you'll get a refund as a bonus - e.g. if you bet on 1-1 and the match ends 1-0, you've predicted the number of goals for one of the two teams, earning you a refund.

3. The bonus will be added to your account no later than the following day at 15:00 CET.

If you have any questions about the promotion, feel free to ask :smileyhappy:

Good luck with the final stage of the tournament!

Terms and conditions
- Only one bet per community member per day, any members found using multiple accounts will be removed from the promotion and we reserve the right to take further action.
- Customers from Poland, Hungary or Romania will have to meet the following criteria, in order to be eligible for the promotion: have deposited a total of £ 100 or more between the 1st and 29th of June OR have received at least 50 likes on the community.
- Customers from all other countries will have to meet this criteria, in order to be eligible for the promotion: have deposited a total of £ 50 or more between the 1st and 21st of June OR have received at least 50 likes on the community.
- The bet will have to have been placed with Unibet on the full-time result of a Euro Football 2016 match.
- Your coupon must be placed with a minimum stake of €10. Maximum refund is €10
- The refund will be added to your account as a bonus with a 3x turnover requirement on sportsbook
- To read the full terms and conditions of the bonus click here
- General Unibet  terms and conditions apply.
- Unibet reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time.
- All offers are intended for recreational players and Unibet may limit the eligibility for this offer and limit stakes at its own discretion.
- If your account currency isn't Euro, the amount credited will be determined by the Unibet Community Team. The current currency rate will be used, and the amount will be rounded  up/down to avoid odd amounts.

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Oh, well. Since I managed to finally nail a win in the treble-refund last night, I might as well give this a go. I suspect Iceland will have to walk off without scoring today, and then it's all about nailing the number of England goals. They haven't exactly impressed offensively so far, and Kane still haven't scored. I think they'll have to settle for 2 goals, but I wouldn't be surprised if they got 4 or even 0.... Anyhow; I'll have a go with England-Iceland 2-0


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 kind of took the words out of my mouth with this one! I too finally got the yesterday triple correct and am looking forward to Kane as well.

However, I do think Iceland is going to play it tight enough for 1-0. Despite of the bet, I'd really like see Iceland score and even more so, WIN the game... So, with 1-0 I think it's going to end well either way: win, refund or Iceland scoring! :)


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I'm kind of wondering whether it includes the England-Iceland game as you're talking about "from tomorrow on".
Still, I thought I'd take a huge gamble as I am aware that goals are unlikely to come; so I'm hoping for a quick goal turning into more open play.
Right before it started!


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: Or it can turn out to be good for my bankroll! Started exactly as I had hoped.
At least I'll have some fun seeing if that 3-1 can be reached. Doesn't matter whether there's some kind of refund or not for this. After all we're still playing for fun! (read: we never play with money we don't want to lose!)

edit: You know why I edited this in ;)
Now let's enjoy the game further!

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: True words. Although I wouldn't have bet on 1-0 with 5.3 odds without the "refund"...

But as your said, this is for fun, although I'd rather have the profit to go with it as well if possible. ;)

...And there goes your bet. Good luck for both of us the next time!



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@Artevelde8 wrote:

I'm kind of wondering whether it includes the England-Iceland game as you're talking about "from tomorrow on".

What he's saying is that from tomorrow on, there's going to be only one match a day, but since this is the last day with 2 matches, I understood it as the first shot at picking one of the matches for this promotion. I'm pretty sure that's the correct interpretation, cause otherwise it would be wasteful to promote it ahead of today's matches..

Anyhow. Fun match so far, although Roy Hodgson is talentless and Sterling, Sturridge and Rooney should be sent home... at the half time.

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I feel a bore draw coming up.. Polish defense has been very good and their attack has not been clicking with too many chances. Portugal will not crack the Polish D. Poland will go on via penalties.


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Why so little response to the promotion yesterday?  My chance of a winning stub lasted less than 2 minutes, but (I think) I still qualify for a refund.  The promotion kept my betting interest alive will the 90th minute.

Today I'm rooting for Wales (hence the highjacking of the Welsh short for my avatar)  - 1-1 at full time and going through on penalties




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