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I can't log in


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@Balonas and other Poker players

If you have just installed or uppdated the Downloaded Poker client I suggest you rebot\restart your computer.

This because it install some runtime dll files and can make a log inn issue, not always but sometimes.


Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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It has nothing to do with an update. From what I remember the last update was at the end of september and since then I played almost daily without any problems.

Yesterday was the first time when I couldn't log in, and it seems that I'm not the only one.

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@Balonas and others with same issue:

I had this problem long time ago and trust me it is not anything to do with Harware...it is a strange Software issue.

Since this "client" is a x32 version for Windows you will have issue on Windows 10 x64....maybe not att first but sometime later....

There is always a issue if you running Windows 7 x32 or x64 because of a Driver problem from Microsoft who stopped that part and from Nvidia who dont make never for Win 7.


Nvidia dont even make uppdated Drivers for my laptop GPU (videocard) even it is a GTX version...


So since I have no idea what OS (operating system) you are running or what Antivirus\internet securety or hardware like do you have a old style HD or the new "SSD" , do you run maintenance, like clean all the annoying Temp\Junk\left over files in Windows, truist me they are in many diffrent folders....

Do you clean your Registry....

I could go on but basicly no pint since I cant help unless I know what are your Windows version.


Anyone who run Windows 10, then basicly the issue can be solved like this ...basicly...:

1: Make sure you only use Windows Defender for Antivirus\Firewall, you dont need anymore higher level of protection as a privat person.

2: Also use Malwarebytes Free just to be sure ;) if you are a little "paranoid"


3: In Network settings are your Network set as Priva\Home, then that is OK.

4: Go fetch Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager here and install: http://www.yamicsoft.com/index.html?langsel=1

5: Restart and use its uninstaller to remove Poker Client then scan for left over files, if any, delete them.

6: Run 1 click cleaner but make sure you uncheck clean Privacy options first. That will clean all your "junk" from your Drive. Aslos it will clean your registry.

7: Restart\reboot ....

8: Go download new version of Poker client from Unibet, instal it and do not run it. Restart\reboot first.

9: Try to log inn and it should work, if not make sure you have givven this client Permission to run in Administrator mode.

10: If it still dont work just try and install again and again over the old one to say like that.

11: Also be patient, the first time you start it, can take some time...if it will not let you log on after 3 minutes, then close the client (red X top right corner) and try to start the client again....


If that fales well...you need more help but I need more info to give it....




Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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Starting today i have the same Problem with a white login screen. I tried anything zipfil suggested but it still does not work. My desktop PC runs on win10, but i have the exact same problem on my laptop which runs on win7. So it looks like it has nothing to do with software issues on my  side. Also restarted my router, but nothing seems to work. Its pretty annoying.

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