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6 seats/6 players, but tables don't merge until there are 5 players


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Table balancing is still a big issue @Stubbe-Unibet. I can't remember the permutations you need for it to happen but you can have 10 players regged at the start in a 9-max MTT and have them play one table of 8 and one table of 2. It might be exactly that but early late reg seems to create these kind of issues.

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Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Think it might have been a thread and not a bug report, so I'll keep this one open.

Similar bug report here: 

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Whenever this does occur, it'd be great if you could share it here, so that we have some more recent examples to bring to the provider

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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