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€500 Betting Freeroll


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Tnx for replay! I found it useful.

As it stands 

2.We cannot exchange cash game tickets with play through or flops seen if you have started playing for them. If you want to exchange your cash tickets, make sure to do so before you start using it.

I just won them few minutes ago so didnt "trigger the counter" 😃


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@XY wrote:

Can somebody help me?Tickets will expire after 7 days.

@XY Help you with what? You have 2 options at the moment :

  1. Start using those tickets, and after you've seen the required number of flops/per ticket, they will change into cash
  2. Exchange your tickets with smaller denomination and use them again like in step 1.If you want to exchange them you need to start a new topic in the thread that was posted in a previous message here, cause the mods can't do it if you posted about the ticket exchange in another thread  :https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Ticket-exchange/bd-p/poker-ticket-exchange

You don't have to play many hours every day, it s enough to see 1 flop per day, and they will get extened, so don't worry about them getting expired.There's no other way to use those tickets and turn them into cash.Good luck

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