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How to reset your password(in case you forgot)


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Getting a new password for your Unibet account is both easy and secure, so only you can get it. Simply follow these easy steps to create a new password:

  1. Press Forgot in the space where you'd normally enter your password

  2. Enter your username or the email you have registered on your Unibet account and press send: 
  3. Open the link in the email sent to you, if you haven't received an email then please check your spam inbox and also make sure that the email is the one registered to your Unibet account.

  4. Enter the answer to your personal security question. If you can't remember the answer, then please contact your local Unibet customer service for help.

  5. Enter your new password, please note that your password can't include personal details which can be found on your Unibet account, IE. last name, date of birth, username etc. The password change will be unsuccessful and need to be done again should this happen.  

Thank you for reading, should you need help with anything which doesn't pertain to your personal details, please check out the community help section :) 

Former Community Manager
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