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How to join a casino tournament


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Joining one of our popular casino tournaments is easy and you can play in as many as you like. Your casino play is automatically tracked, so all you have to do is play the correct slot at the correct time.

To see all upcoming and finished casino tournaments, simply go to your local Unibet site and press Casino and Casino Tournaments. From there, click on your tournament of your choice in order to get more information about the format, prize pool and qualifying games:




The rules for winning can differ from one tournament to another:

  • Biggest equalised win over X consecutive rounds: You earn points by the size of your multipliers on spins in X amount of rounds, usually 20 or 50.
  • Biggest win: Very straight forward, earn points by having one of the biggest wins on the qualifying slots.
  • Turnover: You earn points via the amount of money played on the qualifying slots.
  • Bet rounds played: You earn points for each round with a spin for real money on the qualifying slots.

Good luck playing in Unibet Casino Tournaments :)

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