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Unibet general promotion

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Hi ,

Is there a place in this community for general promotions of Unibet. It will be nice to get informed about new offers somwhere in this forum.

I've herad today about 5 free spins on Sturburst in the halftime of today's Euro games.

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Your post has a very good point , a board containing exactly what you're describing - information on general Unibet promotions, was in fact part of our initial setup for the community. Unfortunately there were some issues with the setup of it, forcing us to leave it off, at least for now:

  • Different offers for different markets: We'd be forced only to show the offers that are the same no matter the country you're from - you'd end up having to go to the Unibet promotions page anyway.
  • If we only showed the offers described above, it could possible create confusion, we'd have to advise all the time to also check the promotions page on Unibet for complete information.

We do have some ideas for creating this, but for the time being, we have to advise you to please check the promotions on your local Unibet site - www.Unibet.xxx :)


Former Community Manager
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