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Cooking with Kitch:


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No this ain't a thread for perfecting your crystalization of meth you fkn crackheads, this quite simply is a series of tips of how to cook up that pot (see what I did there ) . . . 

As a poker player of many days, (at least 5 ) and with the 3 daily login badge I'm more than qualified to give advice. 

Poker advice tip 1:

Don't play bingo, no not poker bingo, actual bingo, its free you say, you have €16 euros but you only play the free bingo anyway . . . 5 free tickets - 1mins 45 second till game start . . . holy ❤️♥️❤️ this timer thingy is fkn boring but luckily for me there's a game starting in 13 seconds, only 3p a ticket, why I'll buy 3000 , I can't lose! . . . 

And tip B . . . 

If say your strength is SnG s , but are poor at cash games and fkn bingo , play SnGs not crazy ass cash games and bingo.

My mamma says bingo is the devil - "Adam Sandler"

Tip no 5:

Don't tilt from fkn bingo , then hang your head in shame while A:

register for a 2000 player freeroll for a chance to win 6p after 18hours straight

And B:

Boot up PS4 poker game for free play , even though you crush those bums its still  free play.

Some sexy advice above , stayed tuned for more cooking up bs with kitch. 

Next week I teach you how to bink from another site , wait 3 days to withdraw then deposit here to play some sexy sexy bingo! No wait , SnGs I mean.




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