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football match event is gone while still busy


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Sorry for the late reply @Bladerunner, most likely what happened is that there was an issue with the connection to the updates, if they're not being received/relayed properly to the sportsbook then the live information won't be correct. The provider we use for the updates do their best to make sure these situations occur as rarely as possible, but due to all the technical aspects involved they're due to happen once in a while. For this reason, we advice on the sportsbook site to always check a score/information on a 3rd party site, simply for your own protection as a punter.
At the same time, if match information isn't properly updated, any bets placed on it will be a bit delayed until the official match information is received and the bets are settled.

I apologize for the delay you experienced, but I'm happy that the bet is now settled and you got your winnings safely in your account, congrats :)


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