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SNG Bingo idea for promotion


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SNG Bingo

you select 5 starting hands(or any number that works well) or are auto given 5 hands
example AcAh 6s5c 7h6d 10s10h js10c

In the first 2/3 levels of an SNG if you get that starting hand its marked of your card
Get all 5 hands you win

Have each game last 1 hour(or any suitable time), if no one wins the prize rolls over.

The stake you play determines what percent of the prize you win, with the highest stake winning 100%
If say SNG1 wins 5% the remaining 95% rolls over to the next hourly game.

At the end of the promotion the remaining prize pool goes in a freeroll and anyone that has had a win gets a ticket to it.

Prizes could be bigger for peek hours and smaller for the middle of the night.

Would work with all formats, I mention SNGs specifically as they could do with there own promotion :) 


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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