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Unibet Ladies Event (Live)


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Hello to all the lovely ladies. Just wanted to let you know that we had a ladies only event (500 freeroll) in Nottingham as part of the Unibet Poker UK Tour schedule, which was a huge success and lots of fun.:inlove: It was a friendly game with prosecco flowing and great prizes to be won :) Congratulation to Satu Suomalainen who won it:cash:

I also got to finally meet one of the community regs @Darkangel7 - Donna, who was lovely and great fun to be around :) She also brought a tasty cake in for everyone to share which went well with prosecco and was such a kind gesture:inlove:


Here are the highlights video. Hope you enjoy it and hope to see you all in Brighton for the next one on Sunday 29th October. Let me know if you have any questions. Daiva 

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@FreedoM wrote:

@balticblondeFirst lady on the left in the flower dress looks so familiar is she Elz442 from PKR? And in third seat from right to left, she looks really young! 😃

@Darkangel7Like the hair. 😉

Congrats SATU :cash: 🆗

Hiya @FreedoM,  I believe you are thinking of Eleanor Wheeler but it's not her. Beautiful lady in the flower dress  is called Emma :)

3rd seat from right is Chelsea and she is definately over 18 years old :Rofl:

I agree, Donna looks lovely😉

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