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Account verification again....


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I've been asked to send in my verification documents before I can get my withdrawal. I've dealt with this very thoroughly as you know Jeppe. It took a month to get my money last time because it was misplaced. And at the end of it all you sent this Jeppe:


@Teelow The bank statement was now cleared in the correct case and the withdrawal processed - account is fully verified and there should be no more yellow bar popping up when you log in as well Smile

"the account is fully verified" this was not even 5 months ago. I made my last withdrawal in May and several before that without a problem. I should not have to send in my documents again and wait 72 hours for this garbage again.

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Hi @Teelow,

I believe the agent was chatting with another customer while he tried to help you out because he clearly mixed up something. When you asked for help, he forwarded the request to our Player Safety department who took care of it right away without asking you to verify (it was actually done even before the agent asked you to verify the account).

I double checked with the Player Safety department today to make sure that everything is ok. Just to confirm, you don't need to verify anything at the moment :) Apologies for the inconvenience!

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