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Ok so im using unibet site/all for 1 year now. For the last 2 months i noticed that every friday and saturday their app works verh slowly. It is loading very slowly and i guess the problemĀ is that saturdays there are 6-700 matches and it takes like 6-7 seconds to load every time i have to use the app/site. I mean saturdays, when there are a lot of matches its very annoying to wait 6-7 secs every time i click on a match or go back to the live page . If i want to check stats on 15 matches ... i am losing like 5 mins and it is very annoying. Its only haplening friday night and all through saturdays because the site /app has to load all the matches. Then , the site/app runs normally from 17.00 hours saturdays. I contacted support and they told me i am the only one complaining. AM I ? I changed my phone from ip6 to samsung s8plus, i changed my router.... please send feedback. Ty

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