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€2000 competition - Euro Football 2016 losing combination


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The Euro Football 2016 are upon us and it is looking to be a summer full of national football excitement. France are the favorites to take home the cup at odds of 4.00 with Germany and Spain just behind at odds 5.25 and 6.00.
Before a winner can be determined, all the losers have to be found. For this we present the unique expert challenge to the Unibet Community of picking the wrong outcome of all 36 matches in the group stage, giving you a chance of walking away with up to €2000 without any strings attached!

Here is how it works:

  1. Click here to fill out your coupon.
  2. Choose the 1X2 outcome you do not think will happen.
    Example: France - Romania, if you think that the match will not end in a draw, pick X as your selection. If the match ends with a French or Romanian win, you have guessed the wrong outcome correctly.
  3. Once having chosen the wrong outcomes for all 36 group stage matches, type in your email address registered at your Unibet account and submit your coupon.
  4. If you get the outcome of all 36 matches wrong as the only community member you receive €2000 on your Unibet account, if other community members also have 36 wrong outcomes the pool of €2000 will be divided evenly between the winners.
  5. Please take your time and make sure that you've entered your predictions correctly the first time. You can't edit your coupon after you've submitted.
  6. You'll need to fill out your coupon no later than the 10th of June 2016 at 20:00 CET.

France - Romania | X (If you believe either France or Romania wins.)
Albania - Switzerland |1 (If you believe that either Switzerland wins or the match ends in a draw.)
Wales - Slovakia | 2 (If you believe that either Wales wins or the match ends in a draw.)


As always, feel free to ask any questions :smileyhappy: Good luck to all!
The Unibet Community Team

Terms & Conditions
Only one entry per community member, any members found using multiple accounts will be removed from the promotion and we reserve the right to take further action.
The wrong outcome of all 36 group stage matches must be correct in order to win.
The price of €2000 will be added to the winners Unibet account as cash within 48 hours of the conclusion of the promotion, and is not subject to any turnover requirements.
We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the promotion at any time.
General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.

Former community moderator
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Done and hope I got it correct :)

The point was to guess what should NOT be the result, like actually loosing all the matches\bets...??

Then I have won already if that is the point lol...

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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Done , hard to predict it anyway , not sure how the teams start on the ek , ec .. But lots of fun ! Love the proms u guys give this way ! Always a little bit extra :)


And yeah , if there is no one Ith 36 correct answers the people(s) with 35 wil share the 2000 right ? :)

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Done :)

Is there a way to see your own coupon?

Would be nice to have a way to see it's going along the way and I forgot to write down my answers xD

The doughnut is the saddest dessert... it just can't find its inner piece.
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This is unique to say the least haha never been able to make money of how bad i am at tipping on football!! lets see if my skills at not pickign winners will pay out. 

Mad props once again unibet you are trully making this a fun experience for us in the community!!.

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@bybo91@raducunccc@IanG94, I'll upload an excel sheet with everyones predictions, when the championship starts :)

@SJ wrote:

And yeah , if there is no one Ith 36 correct answers the people(s) with 35 wil share the 2000 right ?

@SJ, we were actually not planning to pay out anything, if no one guessed the 36 outcomes. However, we've decided to be a bit more generous, and the prize pool will be as below.

36: € 2000
35: € 1500
34: € 1000
33: € 500

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