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No Promotions for Boxing?


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Those competitions based on biggest win/wager/matches multiplied for points or bet X amount for lottery tickets to a cash prize draw or actual match - that type of thing. I understand football may be more popular but with stuff like bycle sport sometimes featured i'm not so sure.

Boxing has the advantage of single fights actually being a sort of event already the way it's structured so it would've only been fitting, the fights themselves often taking place in pretty spectacular arenas adding to the value.

Football and other stuff sports be featured more often wich would coincide for a big boxing even to take place. And then with it happens and there is a fight like Canelo/Golovkin or Joshua/Klitschko taking place a boxing promotion pops up to take advantage off of it.










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Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, @Nospheratu. I'll forward this to your local marketing team. Can't guarantee that it'll make a change but it's definitely worth a shot :)

As far as I remember, most of our boxing promos are separated for each country - e.g. in Denmark we had a promo on the fight between McGregor vs. Mayweather where you had to place a 250 DKK bet on the match in order to get a PPV voucher on Viaplay.

We'll obviously look at the activity of each sport when setting up new promos but that doesn't mean we only make promos on football, tennis, etc. - there should be something for customers like you as well who're interested in other sports.

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