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Rebuy prompt on mobile


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Hey there,

Don't know if this is a bug exactly, but I experienced it as a bug, so I'll post it here.

When I play on mobile (which I do more than 50% of the times while playing) and I bust from a rebuy tourney, the table where I bust is not prompted so I can see that I busted and have a chance to rebuy. (I'm talking about situations where I'm multi-tabling)

Because of this I missed a rebuy a few times and I was out of the tourney. The first time I tought it was my own fault, because I maybe clicked it away to see action on another table, so I didn't want to post this yet. This was durning the last Com League game where I just wanted to get some points, because I think I needed only a few to get prizes in the leaderboard. But now it occured to me twice again, where I was sure that I didn't click it away. (One was in the 150 GTD breakfast with only 6 players in, so good value to rebuy)

So when you bust, this table should be prompted, so you know you have to rebuy (if you want to). 

Hope this can be fixed :)

Kind regards


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