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Not getting my winnings


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Have played bingo and won CA 250, 220, and 990 swedish kronor in bingos and one jackpot of 1000 kronor. 


The money never got into my account and many other players experience the same problem.

What company is taking care of bingo at unibet? 

And the chat function on unibet is unavailable. Bummer!

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Hi @Zee, Welcome to the Community :) thanks for contacting us. I can see that there is a document request pending on your account for a proof of address. The one previously sent was unfortunately rejected as the document has to be issued in the last 3 months and there was no clear date present on it.

Would there be a possibility to provide a different one which is recent? Anything from utility bills, bank statements, internet bills, government letters received in the last 3 months is accepted. I have created a request in your account now and you can upload it directly there. Let me know once it's done here in this thread. I'll be more than happy to follow up on it :)



Former Community Moderator
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@Crisx18 wrote:

Hi Jeppe-Unibet how do i get my giftcards that i have npt used in bingo..i can only upload lne but i have a lot pf giftcards unused

@Crisx18 I'm not sure I understand fully,  so just want to be sure we're talking about the same thing. Do you mean the vouchers for certain games/rooms?


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