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@Merenitsu you and I were just in a 5sng, (Philhelmooth) , did you feel something wasn't right mate?

Maybe its they daft names jdjdj that's makes me suspicious. 

The names at the table were:

Slappy (apologies if your a regular ;) )



1 euro SNG started 12:38: 50 for me.

Something didn't feel right, was there something fishy going on apart from my play 🆒


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Might be collusion but i think people are pure punters, imagine in a €50 - HUSNG first hand people 4bet and then snap call my 5bet allin with 74s, and of course he makes a flush vs my KK #kkneverwin, and in the €10 - 5 man SNG first hand UTG (AKs) min-raise BTN (K3o) calls SB (??) calls MYSELF in the BB (Q9s) call, and the FLOP is 39Q rainbow,SB check i check, UTG checks, BTN goes all-in SB folds, i call and UTG snap calls O.O, and the TURN is K, and the RIVER is A.

Thank god i put in volume and i end up a winner but i understand your point in the short sample u just crack when u see some hands, keep in mind u want people to put the money in with the worst hand, and if you still feel tilted just take 5 min break.

Almost forgot post the hand ID and tag @MarcoV and @JeppeL

Have a nice day! xoxoxo

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