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Favourite minigame in Unibet Bingo? Do you play minigames in bingo?


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I like them all, last time I wonn about 200 Euro on Miner Moe and more than that on Nutty Night ;) The digger in Miner Moe and 15 freespinns with 10 x multiplikator, repeted inn Nutty ^_^ that pays...when playing 2 Euro uppwards a round...

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@CharismaMan wrote:

I have a question with Charmorana game. 

I choose the symbol. This symbol appear for example 1st, 3rd and 4th reel, but I haven't got a bonus round or similar. So, can you somebody to describe the game's gist?

Five or more of the same symbol anywhere on the reels give a scatter win, and if you get 5 instances of your chosen symbol the bonus game starts. How many freespins and what multiplier you get depends on which lucky symbol you've chosen. Those that have a lower number of freespins/multipliers usually show up more often and vice versa. Hope that explains it. :)

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Old Macdonald its definately my favourite .

I do play the others but none gave me bigger winnings than Old Mac. 

Second its probable blender blast but eats the cash so fast:)) and we could also say the worse ...which to me its charmorama ...im not playng that anymore ...its just loosing cash

Goodluck all winning big on minigames:)

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