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I,ve just tried to make a withdrawal but it says my account isn,t verified and has blocked me from making withdrawals. I,ve only had the account a few months and verified my details when i made my first withdrawal soon after that.

I,ve made several withdrawals and never had this problem. It hasn,t asked me what details to provide and how to send them.

it seems there is often issues with verification on here so i,d thought i,d check here first as to exactly what i have to send in and how - ie scans, pictures etc





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Hi @pam33,

Thanks for letting us know. I'm happy to confirm that you're able to requests withdrawals again.

The system flagged your account automatically but my colleague from the Player Safety team looked into it and confirmed that there were no issues so he removed the block right away.
There was a very small connection between your account and someone else who had violated our terms and conditions but after looking into it we found out that you have nothing to do with that case :)

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Former community moderator
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