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Live Blog - UK Poker Tour Nottingham 2017 - Day 2 (FINAL DAY)


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Welcome to Day 2!

Good afternoon everyone. Today is the final day of the Unibet UK Tour Nottingham leg here at the Alea Casino, and 43 players remain to battle it out for £13,500 up top and the glory of being crowned Unibet UK Tour champion!

A varied selection of pros and qualifiers have made Day 2, including Unibet ambassadors Dara O'Kearney (96k), David Lappin (137k), Ian Simpson (57k) and Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen (21k), who will be hoping to push on and reach the cash payouts.


In terms of payouts, 15 places are paid with a minimum cash of £440. 

Other notable names that will be playing today include Mark Shelley, who took a double ambassador bounty on Day 1A to end the day as chip leader. He comes into the final day pretty much tied in chips with the Unibet community's very own Adrian Nica (@FeelsBadMan), as they both have 214k and 215k respectively. @MathrimC also has a fairly decent stack, he bagged 122k for Day 2.

Online qualifiers Richard Freemantle and Joszef Hegyi will both be in contention today, after having very different Day 1B's yesterday. 

Rich, who hails from Bristol, had a steady afternoon, but dropped off towards the end and eventually scraped through with 32k.


Jozsef Hegyi from Hungary however, had a crazy day yesterday, which included stints as the chip leader, and some unbelievable bluffs! Be sure to check out yesterday's thread for a run through of this. 

The average stack when we start the day will be just over 80k, which is around 33 big blinds.

The play is about to start, so make sure you're kept updated on the day's proceedings by reading this live blog, and as always get involved by replying and commenting on these posts.


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Day 2 Seat Draw:

Rachel Kirk (144k)

 Table 4 Seat 1

Andreas Wilborg (74k) 

 Table 4 Seat 2

Mchal Kulesza (66k)

 Table 4 Seat 3

Richard Barr (39k)

 Table 4 Seat 4

David Lappin (137k)

 Table 4 Seat 5

Simon Griffin (50k)

 Table 4 Seat 6

Tim Bruneel (122k)

 Table 4 Seat 7

Richard Freemantle (32k)

 Table 4 Seat 8

Joszef Hegyi (98k)

 Table 4 Seat 9


Simen Melhus (55k)

 Table 5 Seat 1

Dara O'Kearney (96k)

 Table 5 Seat 2

Antonius Samuel  (44k)

 Table 5 Seat 3

Trevor Gardiner (73k)

 Table 5 Seat 4

Calvin Chen (61k) ­

 Table 5 Seat 5

Myumyun Izet (56k)

 Table 5 Seat 6

Craig Timmis (108k)

 Table 5 Seat 7

Scott James (49k)

 Table 5 Seat 8

Tore Koraneesak (93k)

 Table 5 Seat 9


Daniel Rohrbasser (162k)

 Table 8 Seat 1

Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen (21k)

 Table 8 Seat 2

Guy Taylor (63K)

 Table 8 Seat 3

Tina Ainsworth (55k)

 Table 8 Seat 4

Andrew Whitehouse (66k)

 Table 8 Seat 5

William Hens (114k)

 Table 8 Seat 6

Joseph Radford (66k)

 Table 8 Seat 7

Russell Betts (111k)

 Table 8 Seat 8

Michel Sealtiel (34k)

 Table 8 Seat 9


Richard Knibbs (146k)

 Table 9 Seat 1

Dalius Mikalauskas (27k)

 Table 9 Seat 2

Asif Warris (89k)

 Table 9 Seat 3 

Adrian Nica (215k)

 Table 9 Seat 4

Rokas Jakutis (73k)

 Table 9 Seat 5

Marios Arkadiou (29k)

 Table 9 Seat 6

Kristian Butts (79k)

 Table 9 Seat 7

Eleanor Wheeler (136k)

 Table 9 Seat 8


Pavel Mironov (56k)

 Table 10 Seat 1

Marco Herman (76k)

 Table 10 Seat 2

Mark Shelley (214k)

 Table 10 Seat 3

Stefan Savic (69k)

 Table 10 Seat 4

Peter Nemeth (46k)

 Table 10 Seat 5

Tomas Montrimas (29k)

 Table 10 Seat 6

Ian Simpson (57k)

 Table 10 Seat 7

Michael Hart (44k)

 Table 10 Seat 8


Who do you think has the best and worst table draw today?

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Early madness!

The very first hand brought some fireworks over table 5. Simen Melhus had his AA cracked by A9s after it was shipped all in pre flop.

Antonius Samuel doubled up to around 90k after the board ran out 9 9 7 8 8, to the dismay of Simen, who was crippled and a couple of hands later, was out of the tournament after his AQ was beaten by who else but Samuel's KJ after he flopped trips. 

@MathrimC has had a decent start, getting in 88 against Marios Arkadiou who was short with 96cc. The board ran out K 3 2 7 5 with now clubs and 88 held for @MathrimC to score the knockout and the pot to get off to a good start.


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The action has been fast in the opening level here in Nottingham, and it's been a perfect start for Unibet ambassador Ian Simpson.

Iany, as he is known to his Twitter and Twitch fans, got his stack in preflop versus Michael Hart for 55bb pot.

Hart held AK and Simpson turned over JJ.

The A 3 J flop made Ian a massive favourite to survive, and the J turn sealed his double.

Unfortunately, we lose Michael from the field.

Before this hand, Ian made a tough fold against two all-ins and mucked his pocket tens. It was to be a good fold as both his opponents held AK and chopped the pot with an Ace on the river. A nice escape for Ian! 

Who are you backing to be the final Unibet ambassador in the field today? Let us know! :)

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Updates Accessibility

Hi all, we are always trying to improve the way in which you can communicate and follow the Unibet live updates. 

Here is a tip for following the action. Once logged in to your community account and in the thread, you want to follow, click the options button on the right-hand side of the page and select 'sort posts newest to oldest.'

This will give you all the latest posts at the top of the thread as they appear :)

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Nice start for the chip leader!


Adrian Nica (@FeelsBadMan) has just increased his chip lead here on Day 2, after getting three streets of value with KK.

After raising to 6.5k in early position and getting a flat directly to his left from Rokas Jakutis, Adrian proceeded to bet every street - flop 6k, turn 15k, and river 20k, which Rokas called on a T 4 Q 4 9 board.

After Adrian showed his KK, Rokas shook his head and mucked, giving Adrian a stack of over 250k. 

What sorts of hands do you put Rokas on calling here? Let us know by replying to the post.

In other news, Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen has made a decent start to the day, chipping up from being the shortest stack at 21k, to now having around 36k which is 15bbs.


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HensiePensie chops it up

William 'HensiePensie' Hens is looking for back-to-back Unibet UK Tour cashes today after his 11th place finish in Glasgow. 

Guy Taylor opened the action from EP and Hensie called from the cutoff. 

The action went check-check on the Q 2 7 rainbow flop. Taylor checked again before calling Hensie's 8.5k bet on the 2♣. 

On the 10♣ river, Hensie bet big, throwing 23,500k into the middle. Taylor called quickly and both players turned over Q10 for two pair. 

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"It's on me!?"

A bit of confusion arose on David Lappin's table not so long here in Nottingham.

After a raise from the button and a big blind defend from David Lappin, we got to the river where David led out for 7.5k after the turn had gone check check.

Mchal Kulesza on the button tanked and tanked for a good four to five minutes, before eventually after a couple of talks of calling the clock, the dealer picked up on the fact Mchal has shoved over David's bet, and the table was actually waiting on him!

No one was aware of this however, as Mchal and the dealer were the only ones to have heard the all in from the button, and so David then proceeded to go into the tank!

He eventaully folded and Mchal took down the pot. 

Since, this confusion, David has took charge on his table. knocking out online qualifier Rich Freemantle who finishes in 37th place. Unlucky Rich, great run though. Maybe next time!

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Ben is back! 

Ben Tahvonen started the day as the shorty with just 21k. But he has found the double. 

He moved all-in and was called by Russell Betts who turned over Kings. 

Ben was behind with A8 of clubs. A crowd gathered to witness the flop and see the Unibet ambassador take the lead as 10 2 A hit the felt. 

The 4 turn and 8 river improved Ben's hand to two pair and move his stack up to 46k. 



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Notable names update

Just a brief update on a few notable names here on Day 2.

Unibet ambassador Dara O'Kearney has doubled up and is on a bit of a chrage after getting in with KK against TT and holding. He now has around 140k which is just over 30bbs.

Also, Adrian Nica is still going strong as the chip leader. He has crept over the 300k mark.

David Lappin has Ian Simpson to his right, however that didn't stop him from chipping up early on. 

In addition to this, Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen has recently doubled after turning a flush with A5hh against KJo. He now sits on around 50k so still very short.

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Richard Barr wins triple bounty!


Ian Simpson was running hot against his fellow Unibet ambassadors yesterday and knocked out David Vanderheyden and Davia Byrne in the process. This meant his bounty increased three-fold and any player who eliminated him today would take home three 100euro UK Tour tickets to use online. 

We approached Ian's table to find him all-in with A9 of diamonds up against Richard Barr's pocket nines. 

The board ran out 4 2 6 K 5 with four hearts. Neither had a heart so the pair of nines were enough to hold, eliminate Ian and Richard claimed his prize. 


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Pocket eights are hot!

Two ambassdors have just knocked out two players with the same hand. It seems pocket eights is the hand to have at the moment!

First of all, David Lappin knocked out former Day 1B chip leader Joszef Hegyi, holding against his 44. A good run for Joszef, but he unfortunately finishes short of the money.

In addition to this, Dara O'Kearney also knocked someone out with 88 to increase his stack as he continues to be on a charge.


We have just returned from the first break and play is underway once again.


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We lose Estonian Jesus!

Rauno 'Ben' Tahvonen has just busted Day 2 after being whittled down to 4-5bbs. 

He got it in good with A♦ Q vs A J.

However, the board ran A K T 3 giving us chopportunities on the turn. But unforutanely for Ben, the river was a Q meaning we lost him just 9 players off the money. Unlucky Ben, nice run though!

We are approaching the bubble here at the Alea casino in Nottingham, so stay tuned!





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The bubble is looming...

Following on from Aaron's post, we are getting towards a crucial stage of the tournament.

Every pot is important now, with every player wanting every chance of making that min cash of £440.

One such player who didn't get the run of cards he wanted is Simon Griffin, a Unibet regular who first of all lost a sizeable pot with AK vs KQs after a flopped Q sunk him back down to 50k which is just over 6bbs. And then not long after, he shoved with 33 vs @FeelsBadMan's AJ, and a flopped J marked the end for Simon.


Great game Simon, maybe next time!
Adrian Nica is still crushing Day 2 so far, as his stack continues to increase.

Dara O'Kearney and David Lappin are the last two ambassadors left in the tournament, and they both have decent stacks, with Dara having around 160k which is just below avg, and David Lappin having 250k after doubling up A2 vs KQ.

We are now six players off the money, meaning very soon, someone will have the unfortunate title of being Unibet UK Tour Nottingham leg bubble boy - or girl!


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There are two ladies left here at the Unibet UK Tour Nottingham, and both are well on course for the money places.

Rachel Kirk and Eleanor Wheeler have just been sat next to each other on table 8, and both are sitting with around 200k in chips.

Rachel is a regular tournament player in Nottingham with 19 live cashes on Hendon Mob and earnings of $8,343.475829760_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamFinalDay(c)TambetKask-012.thumb.jpg.e283559ba7bb0fe27c2d5b8a20d86f5c.jpgEleanor, who got married just three months ago, so congratulations to her on behalf of Unibet, has elapsed a massive $398,315 in live tournament winnings and $189,976 on the online felt.

Her biggest cash came in 2014 when she turned £500 into £140,000 during the partypoker WPT500 event.956447980_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-038.thumb.jpg.44a57853e88d2725c7063dc1bfc91d9e.jpg



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So close yet so far...

@MathrimC has just scooped a huge pot close to the bubble, knocking out Mark Shelley who started the day as second in chips. A standard flip saw Tim's TT hold against Mark's AK, and Tim now has a stack of around 230k with the average being just over 200k. Well played to Mark Shelley who unfortunately fell just short of the cash.

Another player that bust was triple ambassador bounty winner Richard Barr, he also misses out on the money by only a few spots.

We are down to 17 players with 15 paid, meaning we are just one bust out away from hand for hand play. Watch this space!

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