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Live Blog - UK Poker Tour Nottingham 2017 - Day 1B


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Good afternoon all!

Welcome to Nottingham for Day 1B of the Unibet UK Tour here at the Alea Casino.

A total of 20 players made it through to Day 2 last night and today provides players with their last chance to grab a spot in Day 2  on Sunday when the tournament will reach its conclusion.

Play is about to start after a very good introductory seminar by Unibet Ambassador Ian Simpson in which he talked about identifying and manipulating soft games. So hopefully the players present will be looking to use these tips over Day 1B and hopefully Day 2 should they make it that far. 

As always be sure to keep an eye on this blog for regular updates and chip counts of the leaders and notable names. And if there's any person in particular you'd like an update on, do let us know. 


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Iany with a shaky start

Unibet Ambassador Ian Simpson has lost his first meaningful pot of the day here in Nottingham. 

Catching the action on the turn, Ian bet 1350 into three opponents on a Q 7 8 5 board from the big blind, and got one caller on the button. The river came 3 making the board Q 7 8 5 3.

Ian then checked to the button who bet 2600. Ian tanked and thought for a minute or so before calling, and hearing "two pair" announced by the button who showed  Q 8, to which Ian said "nice hand" and mucked his hand.


What sorts of hands do you think Ian calls with here? Let us know by replying to the post.

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Ambassador update

 After letting you know about Ian’s start earlier, I thought it’d be a good time to let you know how the rest of the Ambassadors are getting on in the early stages of Day 1B here in Nottingham.

Daiva Byrne has taken a slight hit to her starting stack of 25,000 as she currently has around 20,000.

Ian Simpson is still nursing the earlier hit to his stack as he sits on just over 21,000, and fellow ambassador Dara O’Kearney has just under starting stack on just over 23,000.

Finally, the ambassador who has made the best start is David Vanderheyden.

Otherwise known as 'DaVitsche' online, David has a stack of around 29,000 in the early stages of level 2.


More updates to come as the day progresses.

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 Twitter package winner looking to run deep!


One player in the field today is 25 year old Richard Freemantle from Bristol who won his chance to play today in a competition on twitter.

It’s not the first time Rich has run well when it comes to winning packages, as in January he managed to win a package to the Bahamas worth over $10,000 for just $10 in a special spin and go.

Unfortunately he didn’t manage to cash the Pokerstars Championship Bahamas but he’ll be hoping he can make a good run today here in Nottigham. Good luck Rich!

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Unibet Twitch partner Frederik @expertBergie Bergmann is in the Day 1B field. 

The Team Expert.Trackmania. member is seated next to ambassador Daiva Byrne in the early stages. 

Also here for Day 1B is Adrian @FeelsBadMan Nica. Despite bagging a stack of 27k at 3 am this morning, he has decided to return today and see if he can build a bigger stack for tomorrow's final day. 


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First break update


We have reached the first break here on Day 1B of the Unibet UK Tour Nottingham, and Jamie Nixon leads the pack with a healthy stack of 57,775.

Here is a list of notable names and stacks:

Jamie Nixon - 57,775

Ian Simpson - 24,000

Dara O'Kearney - 26,500

Daiva Byrne - 28,000

David Vanderheyden - 35,500

Fredrik Bergmann - 23,500

Play has now started again meaning more hands and updates will follow, so make sure you keep an eye on this blog.

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Two pair agony for Daiva

Daiva Byrne has just moved table and is now sat alongside fellow Unibet ambassador and her poker study partner Dara O'Kearney. 

Her move couldn't have come at a better time after she informed me of a horrible hand on her previous table. 

@baltic_blonde, as she is known by on Twitter, opened the action and got four calls. On a two club, A 5 2 flop, her bet was raised to which she called. 

Daiva said she check-called both the turn and river only for her opponent to show A5 for the flopped two pair. She mucked her hand with a sigh and revealed to me she held a strong hand in AK. 

Her stack is down to 16k and she will hope her new table brings her better luck. 691492777_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-028.thumb.jpg.3d0fb48686eb59a12417781f02080abc.jpg




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Entries Update

The blinds have just increased to 150/300 as level 5 begins. 

So far, Day 1B has collected 54 entries, with only three players having existed in the first three hours of play. 

There are still 80 minutes left of late registration, so if you are local to the Alea Nottingham and fancy the added value of a 3000euro EO package for the winner then make your way down quickly! 656486282_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-040.thumb.jpg.9c61c9b7235f4b2084135b33627e3fa1.jpg



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Nice river for Doke!

Dara O'Kearney just scooped a healthy with the help of a very timely king on the river.

Doke had 3-bet pre from the small blind to 2700 after a raise in early position and 3 flats. The cut off called and we went to the flop which was J 9 5 rainbow. Doke checked, and the CO checkd back. An ace on the turn made the board read J 9 5 A, and again, the Unibet Ambassador checked, and so did the CO.

The river brings a king making the board J 9 5 A K, and Dara now leads 3,000 into a pot of around 6,500.

And the CO says to Dara: "This would be sick if you have kings. But I call. Do you have kings?"

And Dara nodded and showed KK for a rivered set, while the CO showed A9 suited and mucked shaking his head. 


A very interesting hand, midway through level 5. 

What do you think about the hand? Do you call with the CO's hand on the river? Should Dara check KK on that dry flop? Let us know in the replies.

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Three way all-in involving an ambassador!

We just saw a huge pot delevop here on Day 1B, as Unibet Ambassador Daiva Byrne got into a three way all-in with QQ vs AA vs K9s.

The action pre went as follows:

Middle position raised to 700. The HJ flatted, and Daiva then 3 bet her button, to which the SB 4-bet. Original raiser folded, HJ then shoved, Daiva reshoved and the SB called too, covering both Daiva and the HJ.

Daiva had QQ, while the HJ had AA, and the SB had K9s, probably priced in after his light 4-bet pre flop.

The board ran A 9 7 2 7, and AA held to win the main pot, while QQ held against K9 in the side pot for Daiva to essentially finish the hand with the amount she started it with, round about 16,000.


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Don't get me wrong. I love that you do these updates. I think they are really good. But the focus is all on the ambassors. Maybe that's what people wanna see but how about the story's of the guys that have never played a big live event before? The guys that qualified for 1 euro? The local hero down on his luck that deserves a bit of run good? Come on let's find them and make some of it it all about them! Unibet prides itself on recreational players after all. Just me 2p's worth. 

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Iany back in action

Ian Simpson may not have had the best of opening levels here at the Alea Casino, but his Day 1B has improved. 

After his great seminar prior to the play beginning this morning he has been putting his opponents to the test this afternoon.  

I joined the action with the board showing 9 2♣ 3♠ J♠ 7  and Ian betting the river for 5k. His opponent called and mucked as Ian turned over Kings. 

The very next hand he went four ways to the flop after calling from SB. A flop of 9♠ 10♦ 10♥ was checked round before the initial raiser delay c-bet on a 4♥ turn. Ian made the call and the players were heads-up. 

The 4♦ river seemed to be a good card for Iany as he bet 3.2k and took down the pot. 1362646809_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-030.thumb.jpg.ebd92f79922641430ac08ccffa32a292.jpg


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End of level 6

The players are enjoying their second break of Day 1B as late registration comes to a close.

We will have final confirmation on today's entries shortly.

In the meantime, here is a selection of the biggest chip stacks in the room at the end of level 6.

Jamie Nixon still leads the field after chipping up to 86k. The Wakefield based player, who regularly plays in Nottingham qualified for the Unibet UK Tour by using a free €10 ticket.

Nixon simply signed up to the Unibet online client, received his free ticket and turned it into a €500 UK Tour package!

Other players who have more than doubled their starting 25k include Stefan Savic (55k), Calvin Chen (57k) and Unibet ambassador David Vanderheyden (65k).

Do you think you have what it takes to freeroll into the Unibet Poker UK Tour just like Jamie did? If so, then sign up to Unibet Poker and give it your best.2098113997_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-025.thumb.jpg.99ad994e6fcec0c2bd8c07e59b0eabfa.jpg


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Satellite qualifier Chen has the pressure put on him

Calvin Chen just had to surrender 8k after getting raised on the turn. 

Chen qualified for Unibet UK Tour Nottingham for £25 after playing a live satellite at the Alea casino on Thursday. 

He opened the action from UTG to 2k with blinds at 400/800/100 ante. The Button was the only player to make the call and see the 7d 2s 3d flop. Chen's 2.5k c-bet was called after the Button had a quick peek at his cards. 

The Qs on the turn was enough for Chen to continue his story and bet 3.5k. This time around the Button seemed to know exactly what he was holding and raised to 9k after a minute's thought. Chen didn't want to put up much of a fight and fairly quickly let his hand go. 1561272634_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-059.thumb.jpg.a801ce81a42f5ecb141a170d500817ea.jpg




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Online qualifier busts an ambassador!

A player who won a package online has just knocked out Unibet ambassador Rauno ‘Ben’ Tahvonen in a hand which saw Ben ahead for the most part, only to be sent packing by the river.

Ben found himself with a great squeeze spot in the small blind with A5 and 20bbs after a raise and a flat.

It folded back to Jozsef Hegyi from Hungary, who called with 44.

Ben got off to a good start on the flop which was A high. The turn brought a brick, but the river was a 4 and Jozsef shouted out in joy for the whole card room to hear!

After qualifying online, Jozsef now has a stack of over 100,000 with the blinds at 400/800 with a 100 ante.

It’s not all bad for Ben though, who will be able to take his 9bb stack from Day 1A into Day 2 tomorrow, so hopefully his luck will change then.



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Unibet's David Vanderheyden up to 150k in cooler hand! 

David Vanderheyden has just scored a double knockout in level 8 in a brutal cooler for both Twitch partner Fredrik Bergmann and John Byrne. 

David retold to action to us in this brutal cooler. 

John, who is the husband to Unibet ambassador Daiva, raised to 2.5k UTG +1. Fredrik re-shoved his last 11bbs and David made the call. John rejammed and David called tabling Aces. 

Fredrik's JJ and John's QQ needed a lot of help from the board, but it did not come, sending both players to the rail. 

DaVitsche moved up to 150k and is sitting comfortably as the play enters the final four levels of Day 1B. 1348463449_WhatsAppImage2017-08-26at19_24_04.jpeg.2a847f8daf9740e9700ff1855b554a74.jpeg






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We lose Vinny!

Bigger blinds means more bust outs as we enter the business end of Day 1B, and an unfortunate bust was that of Unibet community regular Vinod “Vinny”Jadav or @pirahn as he’s more popularly known here on the community website.


Vinny had whittled down to 16bbs with blinds at 500/100, and shoved over a late position raise with 99.

He was snap called by the original raiser who held AK and although the flop was safe, an A on the turn was all it took for Vinny’s Nottingham run to be over.

Good game @pirahn! Better luck next time.

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Big double for Iany! 

Ian Simpson has just escaped the clutches of death by rivering top pair and doubling up to 48k!

In what seems a friendly and social table and with blinds at 500/1k/100 ante, Michel Sealtiel raised to 2.5k from UTG. 

Folded round to Ian on the button he moved all-in for a large 23k. Michel didn't need much thinking time before making the call and Ian showed KQ of diamonds. Michel was in good shape with AJ of diamonds. 

The flop was good for Michel as it fell J 8 2, the turn was a safe 7, leaving Ian needing a King or Queen on the river to survive here in Nottingham. 

The table gasped as the Queen of spades was revealed and Ian made a big leap up to nearly 50bbs. 

Michel, who already qualified for Day 2 from yesterday's flight, is left very short. 1376986697_UnibetUKPokerTour2017-NottinghamDay1b(c)TambetKask-009.thumb.jpg.42beed1087e6477d8ae07eb7b28a8292.jpg

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