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boost expired


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@JeppeL wrote:

No guaranteesĀ @Livertool, but tell me the name of the promotion and I'll try and have a look :)


I totally forgot it because it didnĀ“t show anymore at some point. It was added to me by mistake as you see, so i donĀ“t get my hopes up to get it back but ty for trying :)

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@steppek77 wrote:

@Livertool wrote:


I didnĀ“t remember to use my last deposit bonus offer either,

At least you got a deposit bonus :)Ā 

In the "good old days" at Unibet, I was offer a casinobonus every month. But it stop some years ago :teardrop: Don`t know why..

Yeah, like you see by mistake :D And when i get so lucky to get one, i am too dumb-ass to use itĀ šŸ˜ž But itĀ“s all good, would have propably lose it anyways.

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