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Slot of the week: Emoji Planet


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We've tried to keep it simple and include all players:  In order to get one of the daily prizes, you'll need to have the highest multiplier of the day and post a screenshot of the round in this thread, on the same day as the win was made. The promotion counts both for real money play as well as "play for fun" /html/images/emoticons/Asset46.png 
Unfortunately we're still waiting to get the game approved in some countries (e.g. Romania) so some of you will only have the option to play for fun.

If you've participated in a Slot of the Week promo here on the community before, you might be aware about the rules already /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png We've made one important change though - instead of combining results for the whole week, we'll give out daily prizes.

1) Post a screenshot in this thread of any big win you get during the promotion period - the screenshot has to indicate that it's from Unibet's site (e.g. by showing the whole page or just the area where you choose between "play for real/play for fun"

Real money play:
Highest wins for real money are equalized – e.g. winning €10 at €2 stake is the same as winning 0.50c at 0.10c stake.

Play for fun:
Only screenshots of wins using bet level 1 and the lowest coin level are eligible.

Daily prize - real money play: €10

Daily prize - Play for fun: €5

Prizes will be paid out as FBM (Free Bonus Money) Friday next week.

Wagering requirements explained here.

The promotion ends on Thursday the 31st of August at midnight (23:59 CET), good luck!

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Thanks for letting me know, @Livertool - I've changed it to Friday. Would've been cool if I could predict Thursday's winner :laugh: #rigged

If I manage to create a bonus that can be used for all countries, I'll just add the prize the day after the winner has been found (can't guarantee anything though).

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