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For unibet sports betting.

I thought it would be pretty cool and really handy if you could get updates from games you've betted on.

Right now I work with another app, in which I have to select games I want to get updates from.


If unibet could give notifications (for example: I play: PSG - monaco over 2,5 goals. I would love to get a notification each time they score or just each time something happens that could influence the outcome of the game), it's easier to live bet and to follow games.


It gives a new thing to unibet. Personally, I even think it would get more people to unibet :)

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Slightly off topic, but I've developed (and developing) web site (and later android/iPhone app) to trace/follow own bets (http://www.sportwatchlive.com), also it is possible to play bets to Unibet (create a coupon, click Unibet logo), share wager with friends and create a group to compete against each other. Sportwatchlive.com works great also in mobile devices (and laptop, tablet etc).

U/O wagers are under work at the moment. I'd be happy to get feedback to make the service better :)

Here's my wager for saturday shared as a link, you can try with this: My football wager 










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Yes, but I'm not 100% sure how it goes with other bookers. Unibet provided quite good documentation regarding the matter. That would be supercool feature though :).

Currently we're working to make groups better and easier to use. It is quite fun to compete against others. F.ex during december, we had a group of 15 colleaques betting 6 rounds of Liiga. Quite thrilling to follow live all the 15 wagers.



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