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Separate days for Mission MTTs


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Hi all,

Something that was mentioned by @zlampa and something I've been thinking about is dfferent days or more time in between the monthly mission MTTs. I realise that many players will play multiple tourneys at once. I seen @DaVitsche and Sjlot playing tons of tables and I have even done well playing two at once before. Buuuuuut, it's hard!

I want to win those tournaments but my standard of play at drops badly when playing two at once. Is there a reason why there's only an hour between?

I couldn't find another appropriate thread to put this, so here it is.  

Peace out xx

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It's just practice. If you're confident with one table then start putting a second in, even if it's just a freeroll or something. When you're happy with two then just keep increasing to as many as you want to play.

Alternatively, if you want to be comfortable with two tables then try four tabling for a while, then when you remove the additional two then you should be comfortable.

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