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How to get a picture of your screen(Windows)


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Using the following guide you can easily post a picture of your betslip or anything else from your screen.

1. Find the program Snipit on your pc.



2. Press New.

3. Cut out the betslip from Unibet.com using the Snippit tool, your screen should have a grey layer during this process and your cut out will be in your normal colours. - If this sounds a bit confusing please  don't worry, it will make sense as soon as you press "New" in the Snipping tool Smiley Happy 

4. Save the snip on your pc by pressing the "disk button" and "Save" after selecting your desired location.




5. Press Photos after opening your reply post.



6. Press either Choose Files to select images saved on your pc, URL to add online photos or Saved Photos to add a photo you've previously uploaded. After choosing your photo, press Done and you'll be able to see the photo added to your post.



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I can take a picture of my screen with the snipit tool (thanks for the advice on this) - but my posts only show an attached file whereas on other many other people's posts I can see their betslip rather than an attachment?  Am I missing something?

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Hi Jeppe - yes I was pressing the wrong button!  Thank you for the help.  (Apologies for not reading the instructions properly - they were very clear when I took the time to read them properly.)

Now, have the French got it in them to beat Ireland?  I would happily forego my treble winnings to see the Irish go through.  




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