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Introduction to the Unibet how-to's board


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Welcome to the Unibet how-to’s board, here you can read how-to descriptions for different sections of Unibet, of course you’re also welcome to post your own how-to descriptions of subjects that hasn’t already been added.


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all i want to say is this is the worst site i have ever been on to get around to putting a bet on or finding what your bets are the soon i change the better the old stan james was so much easyer and stright forward then the confussion i have to deal with on this appt

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Hi @fitzs106 and welcome to the Community. I am sorry you feel this way about the Unibet platform, you are right in saying that is different from the StanJames platform. no arguing with that, and players that were used to other site mechanics can find it difficult at first.
I would like though to give you a few tips and tricks on how it works and some links to video tutorials in the hopes that I can maybe change your mind, so here it goes:

In order to make browsing efficient, there is a search bar function implemented as seen bellow, you can just simply type the name of the team that you are looking for and they will appears, Sport and country are being specified as well.
Furthermore you can access your betting history by just clicking on the top right corner on funds and "My bets"

 I've included bellow a video tutorial as well and feel free to browse around the community and ask questions, we are here to help :) 

If there is any other aspect whatsoever of the platform that you find hard to browse, unclear or if it's only a suggestion on how to improve, let us know and we will be sure to pass it along for review :)


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