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4soul Challenge: From 0 to ???


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They changed me my ticket into 4 tickets of 1euro to the bullets seria satelites! Also win this one:


We have a new rool : for me 1€ means 1E , because i dont have on my tastature this sign.So:

Now in my acccount i have:

tickets: 3x1E Bullets

Bankroll: 1,02E ( won some freeerolls with 0.02E bounty )





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Today i am playing 2 important events:

250E gar with 0.02E entry 10min/blind


150E gar w 1E entry deep 12min/blind

Hope will be a good time! Need some positive thinkings! GL on your tables also! Thanks to comunity rails!

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We are in the 250E gar 0.02E entry into the money! Untill now we have 1.53E win, deep more!!!! we have 31.188chips on 1500/3000 blind!

We had an interesting hand into the bubble: We have 7bb holding QQ, 1player left and we are ITM....someone limp, sb call the left side and i decided to check....why? Because if the ace comes i will fold to be in the paid places...flop: KJ3 w flush draw.....sb check, i check , limper check....turn another 3...sb check, i shove: everyone folds!!! We have 10bb or near....we are in money!!!!! :cash:❤️:popeye:

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I am out on 11th place on 150E deep 1E entry with 4.73E win.... sick flip...7bb in utg ....A5s...i shove because i will have no equity after this hand....utg2 called me w QKo.....nice spot...untill the flop came T4Q....xx...doesnt matter! GG!


After 10 days of playing, we can say that we can produce some rakeback ( we dont know the rolls of that :D, but we hope we will understand sometime!So, out situations is :


Tickets: 3 x 1€

Bankroll: 6.41€




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We are doing good! We made a new identity, we played 2 tables into banzai ....we lost one allin-preflop pot in this hand:


And i decided with my last few bucks to wait untill the 70E gar turbo 1E entry Bounty to finish my challenge. This is the result:


I folded short with Q5o from sb when i saw 2 players deep allin. Obviosly they had AA vs KK , board was KT98J...that means a stright for me...GG anyway!

I'm playing again the 150E gar 1E entry, i have 48blinds and 11/41 24paid. Hope we make more than yesterday!


BIG NOTE: Tommorow we will play the seria of 10x1E made by the Comunity Royal Member DaVitsche !!!

We have 3 tickets of 1E and we will see later if we will be in 10E bankroll for that! Untill now we have 4.84E and 3x1E tickets. We need more!


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Well.....i got 5th place in 150E Deep 1E entry. BADBEAT.... someone opened w K9o from utg....bored player...made a lot of mistakes. I was QQ and i shoved near him ...everyone folds....he callled flop 7K3 ....xx more than 15bb....bad for me! But our "road for glory" is under construction!


Also played some cash table to enter into the second mission!

Tickets: 2 x 1€

Bankroll: 16.78€

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Wow man. You're doing a really great Job :)

Sad that not many members can see your blog, since the latest posts bar on the homescreen is gone.

From 0 to this in just a few days is amazing. Keep it up!!!!

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Thanks @VikingsAF for support! It's a big advantage that this forum is not so full like other. Small comunity motivate me more!

I HAVE NEEEEWS! Today i played all day long from 12:00PM to 12:22AM!!! It was a session with 10 mtts x 1E, a promo made by @DaVitsche! Awesome one!

I played all of them:


Here are the winnings:


I invested 10E and win 25E . So, the pure profit was 15E. Preety good!

In the leaderboard ....not a really good place, 11th:


Didnt knew from start that only 3 best places is important....i was reading that... the all amount. My bad!:Puking:






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Near the seria, i also played a lot of cash tables and other mtts:


My game works good....my bad part is that i lost few bucks on cash....BUT made a lot of points :


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My account right now is really comfortable to make big things!


Also, my balance it appear like this:

Tickets: 1x 1€ and 1x 4

Bankroll: (hold on:Heart:) 68.26€


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Hey! Today we played so wild...we didnt catch nothing into the mtts we played 5 of them...

But on cash we played really bad....good for me was that on one table came a lunatic player who push so many times preflop allin!

Here are some hands with him, also with others. Best or badest hands:


Out situation is near gambling: i played a lot ...with no big results!


Tickets: 2x 1€ and 1x 4

Bankroll: 74.06€

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This reminds me of the good ole days, when I used to spin up rolls from nothing as well. However there were freerolls all the time on every site (huuge fields tho). I remember making it HU in a partypoker freeroll with over 12k players. Software wasn't made for these fields in those days so we both had over 200BBs hu lol because we had reached the last blindlvl the software provided. Battled for over an hour still and of course i would get 2nd.

Outlasting 12k ppl payed a whopping 20$ or sth :atisfied:

Keep the grind on the mind i guess, seems like u got what it takes GLGL!

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Thanks @Tillus! I made you feel younger then :D! Its important what you done with that 20$..... :D. I also won a lots of freerolls...i also won a ticket 1500$ event 18th mtt las vegas...couldn play it on 20years old...one boy from easten europe! That was now 10years....i want to have that ages and my mind from now :)

These days i played only few NL4 cash for making some missions....Not important news!

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Heey! Last night i played 2 mtts : 1e entry 150e gar and 4e entry 500e gar....out from them with KK and AQ....flip.





Also, 2 sng w 1e entry....1first place and the next one second place.Screenshot_2017-08-12-04-30-44.thumb.png.519b9674c494cfbe030256e31ca52b69.png

 I played 3 tables on banzai and lost lot of buyins...after a while i construct on one table big stack....i've took a photo, but the maximum cashout from this table was near 28$....i am thinking to make a challenge on banzai....to win big amount 4tabling. Its cool when u have 25euros on the table and came players with 1e....because that is maximum!

Tickets: 1x 1€ and 1x 4

Bankroll: 74.92€


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Today i am back in play!

I don't really have any good or bad news...that means everything is fine! We do only points :D

I lost near paid places in the 800€ Freeroll Comunity....with Q8 in bb....rmin one player that played everysinglehand in last 5minutes...flop QT4...he bet i called... turn 2....i checked he bet small...i reraised shove and he snaped with QJ.....rvr was another T. DEAD :(

I also bubbled into one 300€gar 4€ entry :


Played a session with 8 tables on omaha 2nl for winning some missions:


he shoved on my topset hiting flop :D thats cool!

We need to remember a thing! This is the stairs tabel on nl cash:


Tickets: 1x 1000€ Freeroll and 1x 4

Bankroll: 72.62€

And also my Challenge board appear like this:


For the next posts i will not put photos with that, i will make a board with all like this:

:Clubs:: 1x 1000€ Freeroll and 1x 4

:Cash:: 72.62€

:Heart:: 2352

:Spades:: 500

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Today i played 5x 1E tickets that i won on cash missions...won 2 of them first place 3.17e....2 second place 1.58e; that means 9.50e

I played 500e gar 4e entry. 300e gar 4e entry, 70e gar 2e entry omaha and a session on omaha cash...disapointed a little by my mtt running (maybe i must play only one type of game)...

My account details are:

/html/images/emoticons/Asset48.png: 1x 1000€ Missions Freeroll + 1x 3000€ Missions Freeroll + 1x 4

/html/images/emoticons/Asset46.png: 62.74€

/html/images/emoticons/Asset31.png: 3727

/html/images/emoticons/Asset49.png: 500

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Yesterday i lost the 4000E ticketwith 560players for double trouble on 121.....100players won 40e each! That's bad.... no big result in last days :(....also dont had too much time to play more....


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