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What would you have done here? MTT hand


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You shouldn't have fired a raise on that queen imo (If you want to look like a flush or something, you should have check raised or just check called). Just calling on the flop was okay tough

(I'm no pro, but at least that's what I would do)

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It's not a good spot...i like the call on flop and folding the turn. Wide range for him .... you cannot beat there too much hands.... ( most of the time you win vs pockets)

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First thing, with 15bb, by far and away the best play in this spot is to just stick it in his eye pre-flop.

As played, it's a terrific flop but the board is far too wet to be calling down streets. I think this is a good spot to donk-lead and hope to induce a jam from draws and 9x but I think check-jamming is slightly preferable as you'll still get paid in full by a lot of worse hands.

The Qh is a horrible turn card as T9, flush draws, Q9 are now ahead of you. At this point I'd be looking to check-call most turn bets and reassess the river. When villain flat calls the turn lead he has a lot of strong holdings.

The A on the river is even worse as the few hands you're not screwed by (AhQx, Ah9) have also moved ahead. Check-fold.


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Jam preflop. There is a quarter of Hero stack in the pot and decent fold equity against the raiser. KJ plays good but Hero is OOP.

Post flop just got too messy in this hand. Flat called  1/3 pot flop bet then lead the turn for 1/3 pot. Bad bet sizing,  asking to get called on wet board. It seems Hero  is not clear why is betting the turn.

Check shoving the flop would of been better in my opinion. There is no info on the stakes or history of the players but a lot of fish and rec players will call worse than Hero's hand on the flop.

River is a fold.

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Nice answers. Interesting to read. 

Igor Kurganov  gave his thoughts on this hand, and he said pf was fine, but hero should have check jammed flop. 

We are basically at the top of our range here when we flat from blinds. 

I'm just transitioning to mtts so I found this interesting as I likely would have been too passive on the flop like @VikingsAF and @4soul, well done @startlinggrope for picking same line on flop as the high stakes crusher. 

Donk on turn is a mistake as we don't want to blow the pot up here! 

As played river was a clear fold =) 

IgorK said he would even get it in for 35 or 40bb on the flop when I asked him! 

Ideas about jamming pf are interesting too @NeedAShave I prefer calling pre but will do a bit of analysis soon out of interest for sure! 

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I would have made a reraise after the flop instead of just calling, to find out if he really has a strong hand ,  you should get ready to give it up and just fold if he fires after that.  You would save a few more chips by doing that .  

But again , it also depends on the read you got on the player, if he is very loose you could always be ahead, even on the river.  But any good player respects a reraise on the flop , lets say he held JJ or a lower pair he would have folded. 


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