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Error after login, zero funds, no games fund


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Hello all!

I played this morning, but now when I want to play again got this error. After login the funds are zero on the app, but in unibet.ro I got 5.6 euro. I disconnect and reconnect still nothing, uninstall the app and reinstalled, still no funds.

What can I do? It's a bug just for me or happens to others too?

LE: After many many restarts of the laptop and the app, it reads the correct funs. So the solution is to restart 6-7 times the pc and the app.error.jpg.40b7e7b5215a4d2a8f33bcf42f968c19.jpgerror1.thumb.jpg.26f4a82e3250a5c7ac07affe21a8df2f.jpgerror2.thumb.jpg.ba78d255f341db4785c0e73f7d5844a5.jpg

To err is human, forgive is canine!
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Declining this one since we haven't heard about it from anyone else and it was solved by itself, sounds like some temporary connection issues - but please feel free to post here if it occurs again!

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