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Problem depositing


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Hey I wanted to deposit today, because I am playing the betting freeroll, which has a rebuy option. 

The system wont let me deposit. I talked with live support and they said...

Ok, the deposits have been disabled as a precautionary measure due to an issue with the e-wallet you are using. Our payments team are looking into this now and until it has been done you wont be able to deposit.
i deposited with paypal? so I can't deposit with anything? not even my card?
Not until they have looked into the paypal issue.
This kind of sucks. I deposited last week. Not great info from the chat guy, to simply say there is an 'issue' a bit more information would be appreciated. Also it's kind of ruined my plans with the freeroll tonight. :teardrop:
Anyway if someone could look into this and give me a bit more info, it'd be appreciated!
Also as a general customer service point, I think it would be much better if the moment anything like this was triggered, that Unibet sent an e-mail to the customer explaining exactly what was going on, instead of just leaving us to realise we can't deposit and then having to contact support ourselves to try to unravel what's going on. 
End of mini rant  :haha:
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