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Sportsbook update: New statistics and live score center!


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In a line of Sportsbook updates, here's one we hope will benefit you both as a bettor, as well as a sports enthusiast!

The update is a complete revamp of our stats center and live score, now much more detailed and jam packed with stats we hope you'll find relevant for your bets and sports interest. I won't go into too much detail about the technicalites of the update, but instead encourage you to check it our for yourself and see what it's about. You'll find the stats center or live score in one of the following ways:

  1. By clicking "Statistics" or "Live Score" in the bottom of the betting tree.
  2. By clicking the statistics indicator on any of our offered bets.
  3. By using the two links below:
    Stats Centre: https://s5.sir.sportradar.com/unibet
    Live score: https://ls.sir.sportradar.com/unibet

Feel free to let us know what you think about the new stats center and whether or not you find it useful, doesn't matter if it's good or bad - we appreciate any feedback you might have :)

On behalf of the Unibet Sportsbook team,


Former Community Manager
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At the first glimpse stats looks good with two exception:

1. There are no stats in all matches which is fine but those matches shouldnt have the stats link with them. Many useless clicks to find nothing.

2. In tennis stats i would prefer latest matches to be where player stats are now, as i think they are more useful knowledge than how match player weights or how tall is.

I´ve been hoping for improvement for those but didn´t think you got anything to do with them. It is nicer to get info from same pages that you are betting rather than some livescore site so definitely will try to use these new ones. I think time will bring some more info about good and bad...

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For the first look its very impressive. There have been some trials on other betsites too, or there is the flashscore, but none this easy-to-navigate and clear. Well done! I really like the draw at tennis, and player stats at football - and i just had a fast look 👍

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@xizted wrote:

Will there be stats for esports at some point?


Hi Xizted, 

Yes there will, although it will be a bit different as good info on eSports comes from entirely different sources. We are working on this but I want to warn you that it will take some time before its all in place, but once we've put it all togheter it should be a massive improvement to what you will find here and on other sites. 


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You can leave the statistics dead because we all have reliable and popular sources to check . I want to thank the Unibet Sport betting team for introducing the EXTREMELY ANTICIPATED Cash out for multis. We were all screaming for it. I also like the notifications that I get on the site when one or more betslips are won. 

Poker's a day to learn and a lifetime to master. ~Robert Williamson III
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I'd like to request some more detailed player stats - will never use the platform, if it's not there. What I'd like to see:
- Shots on target
- Shots off target
- Pass accurracy
- Tackles
- Fouls
- Offsides

Visualization of where on the pitch the shots were taken, would also be great.

Shots stats is the most critical to me, and it's something I can get from the official Bundesliga site. There's no point in using Unibet's platform when there're less stats, even though the navigation is better.

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This is one of the best sites I have been on for inplay and from what I've seen so far. There are a few suggestions that I think could improve the expereince for inplay betting:

  • I think most of the betting activity should be on the main page without drilling into the games for more details, the less clicks required the better. On your main inplay page possibly have an option to hide the sports home bar on the left giving users the option to make it visible and bring your odds more central.
  • On that you could then keep the game graphics that you have when you click into a game on the right of the main page and have an icon beside each game (similar to your stats icon) to show the stats for each game. 
  • I prefer inplay stats are visible by default as opposed to streaming. Most inplay decisions I make are based on stats, thats a very minor change but just speeds things up. 
  • The white bar at the top that has 'inplay right now could be used for your open bets and cashouts readily available on one click. Also on that bar  give the user the option to select their favourite market for all games so the odds show next goal, over 1.5 and so on. Again I can see you have all these things available but the above provides a smoother experience 
  • small change also but have a clear header along the top of the games to show which league/country its for. 
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Hi everyone,

Happy to be back here on the community after a short break where I've been focusing on settling into my new job within the sportsbook team.

One of the things I've been wanting to do in here as a sportsbook expert is to collect feedback from you guys to make sure that we deliver the best product out there. The community has proven to be game-changer in terms of getting in feedback from a poker perspective and I'm hoping you guys will help make the Sportsbook better as well.

The first thing I'd like some help with is regarding the stats center we launched last year and how we could use the data from here in a widget next to the bet offers on the main page. I'm kindly asking you to share your thoughts and ideas on the stats center and how we could present it in a better way on the main page. Here are a few questions that'll hopefully give you an indication of what we're looking for:

  • Do you use the stats center? If not, which site do you prefer to use for research upon placing a bet
  • What kind of stats are you looking for when placing bets?
    • What kind of stats would you like to be added? Key passes, chances created, etc.
  • Which stats do you think would be relevant to present in a widget next to the bet offers?
  • Any ideas/suggestions regarding the design would be very helpful.

We've already received some very constructive and greatly appreciated feedback - some of it has already been implemented to the stats center, some is still being worked on (will comment more specifically on the ideas in the near future) /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png Please keep all the ideas and suggestions coming and I'll dig into everything together with the rest of the sportsbook team to see what we can adjust to make the best and most user-friendly sportsbook client you have ever seen!



Stats Centre: https://s5.sir.sportradar.com/unibet
Live score: https://ls.sir.sportradar.com/unibet

Former community moderator
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I just checked the facts of the hungarian premiership and there are many issues:

- wrong crest:

  • mezőkövesd: wrong caption
  • Haladás: I think you used the crest of the association not the football club
  • Puskás Akadémia: you used Videoton's crest but I can understand why. btw it's a fault.
  • Budapest Honvéd: missed star above the crest.
  • Újpest: I totally understand you guys, because there is a lawsuit due to the crest but currently the other one is on the jersey.

-wrong homefield stadion names:

Due to the construction and building new arenas it's very difficult keeping the dates up to date, so I only write the biggest mistakes.

  • Puskás also play in the Pancho Aréna.
  • Újpest's stadion name is Szusza Ferenc Stadion.

What make me disappointed: there is no rule how you guys use the names of the teams. Sometimes you only use the name of the city (Siófok), sometimes you combine that with the part of the name of the team (Ferencvárosi, Paksi), sometimes you use the name+city combination but that's wrong, because the team name is Vasas FC not Vasas Budapest, but next to this team is another team from Budapest (Honved) in where you forget to use the locacion.

What would be better: implementing the cup results to the last matches box.


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Hi @MarcoV ,good luck at a new position.

I have only good words for whole experience.Good looking site,easy to navigate,quick,vast of markets (for soccer)...

About statts. corner,all relevant infos are there,but adding which team had kick off would be nice as there is option,in-play,what first will happen from 45:00 to 45:59 therefore...
Statts corner looks fine,I wouldnt change the stile.


I have only one "wish" and that is adding "HALF WITH MORE GOALS" option.I think that option is good for both sides.

And just one"little" thing.
A "favorite" league and market mark would be very usefull.Something like a star,in-play we already have that, but in main "lobby" would be helpfull.


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Forgot to mention that I am little bit disappointed with soccer promotions.There are just a few and simple-!place a bet and receive".
My heart is broken when I see promotion/s for tennis and,lets say Olimpic games.Big prizes,long lasting...

I know,you need to promote other sports etc. and that is good ,but...

I think, something like a "year promotion" of UEFA Champions league, where we need to guess from 1.qualifying matches, throug group stages,knockout stages to the winner.

Some kind of leaderboard.

Points for correct result (high points),goalscorer (medium points),team win(lowest points),or something like that...

Also this kind of promotion,or similar,would like to see on a weekend matches/leagues.Premier league ...

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This was pretty well hidden topic, pretty much everyday i visit community and just now saw this. Anyways, i guess i can try it out for week or two and see if i like it and then give some feedback. First glimpse is pretty overwhelming and confusing though with all the diagrams and unnecessary information like biggest win but i'll give it some time to see if i get use to it.

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