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Castle Builder II freeplay memory glitch


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When logged in to your account and playing the game forward, shouldn't the progress stay there?
Tried this game earlier yesterday to see how loooooong it takes to finish it ( 🤣 ), and after 5 hours had to stop to do something else. Like to seek a meaning for my life. Anyway, after restarting the game or refreshing the page, the memory seems to just choose whatever situations and stakes there were earlier.
Heck, it even creates some situations of its own.
Got too many pics to post here, but will do if needed by someone.
Played every game with a solid €0.05 line bet/ €0.75 total bet. Never changed it, cos wanted to see how much money it takes to finish the whole game. (Edit. Few times dropped the stakes back to €0.75 total bet because the game changed it to max bet, and it was still possible to get max payouts from bonusrounds while playing at a lot lower stakes. Slightly wanted to see can it be used in real money play too and break the casino :laugh:)
This always happens only after refreshing, and I can't get back to where the game previously was. (few steps from unlocking the last character!)
The timeline is correct.
Edit2. Forgot to mention that yesterday, in the new slots lobby, there were two links to be seen to this game. Somewhere around 10am-noon. Not after that anymore. And never clicked the other one. Also the games url has changed a little in the last pics today.


Also today the autospin stopped working:


Seems like a really fun, super long and interesting game, but too scared to put real money into it, in case the progress is lost by any reason. Finishing this game's storyline takes a whole day, measured in hours played, so not good.
Played using Crome.
Plz fix, want to finish what has been started :laugh:

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Tried with Firefox. This is more wasted than me last weekend 😞
Stopped the game first time, when I was a lot further. 
Edit. Aaaand the working autospin would still be nice, considering the game needs tens of thousands of spins to be passed.



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Mm-m, thought so too, that was the reason why I tried to finish it before closing the free play. 
Got a strange feeling that this will be the 10k tournament slot soon, so wanted to scout the road for good strategy. I mean now when restarted the pc again and whiped out all data with CCleaner, it told me this:


Wasn't even near the finish line when stopped :speechless:
Try it yourself 😃
For me it just saves some random situations, can't fix it no matter  what I do.

Non-working autoplay at real money too


Well, screw this. I hope someone could post if it works again at some point :Laugh: Not gonna play this one until the autoplay works.

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Ffs, really should try other places too before posting anything. It's the same everywhere :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Oh so good it's weekend now, think i'm desperately in need of it :haha:
Forget this thread y'all. Gonna grab few beers. Find a new good depobonus from somewhere and walk the whole game through with real money today :laugh: 
Have a nice weekend! 🆒

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Lol @JeppeL, this thread should be burned and destroyed :laugh:
And to clear the atmosphere, if it's not obvious, I fcking love this game idea. :laugh: Only thing that depresses me, is the fact that I didn't know the first one before this 🤫 :sad:

The game is good. Lustfully good :laugh:. A mixture of good things that online free strategy gamers and slots fans can play together. A baby for the gods of virtual reality enjoyment :laugh: :laugh:
With a cost though 😏.

Nah, but jokes aside, It's awesome. All the glory to the developers. Close to flawlesness.
P.S. Devs, don't plz ever create a mile long game without a saving feature again, even freeplay :laugh:.

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