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Unibet desktop client crashes frequently during the day


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Hi the unibet Desktop client frequently crashes on me throughout the day, @MarcoV suggested I file a bug report so here goes!

It crashed 4 times today. The machine is a virtual machine and is running Windows Server 2012. 

Unibet is the only piece of software that crashes. If there's any more info I can give to help with the tehnical side of things, just let me know!


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Thanks for creating the bug report, @SkilfulPoker. I need a bit more information before escalating the report to the poker team. Can you update with the following details:

  1. Technical details about the device you're using
    • If you're on Windows, simply search for an application called "dxdiag". Open the application and take a picture of the tabs called "System" and "Display".
  2. A copy of your poker log files only applicable if you're using the downloadable client on a Windows or Mac device. 
    Windows users:Open "File Explorer" and go to the following folder: C:\Users\******\Documents\Unibet Poker. In this folder you'll see a file called ""Poker_log.txt", which is the one that we need. 

Thanks in advance!

Former community moderator
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