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Cancel an offered bonus


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When you log in to your account you usually see a yellow number next to your wallet if you have a bonus awaiting. I sometimes just accept the bonuses just to get this symbol removed. It's just a cosmetic thing but perhaps it would be good thing to be able cancel the bonus offered instead of being just able to cancel a bonus accepted. So for now I've done it so that I accept the bonus and cancel it to get rid of the symbol.

Yesterday I ran to a funny problem with this. I had a deposit bonus I had used and had a ~10€ bet left from that, had 3 bets right out of 4 in the parlay and the last one was failing in the end of the game so I canceled the bonus. I accepted a new bonus that I had no intention of using just to remove the yellow number from the screen, but I could not remove the bonus (I still can't). This was also perhaps the reason that I could not get the free spins from friday happy hours 19cet - 21cet as I had an active bonus on the account. No problem with not being able to play the free spins, just wanted to report this that has been on my mind and caused some extra job for me and yes it originates only from a cosmetic problem. :)

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I think not everything I wrote above was on spot so I will correct myself here.

offered bonus = bonus that shows as a yellow sign on top right menu
accepted bonus = bonus that has been accepted, not started out
active bonus = what it says

I want the yellow sign off sometimes so I accept the offered bonus as you cannot cancel that. What I wrote about canceling an accepted bonus I am not so sure anymore can that be done (I recalled I had done that, but not so sure anymore), I have canceled accepted bonuses by accepting new offered bonuses to get rid of the yellow symbol. Active bonuses you can cancel out yourself.

What I wrote about the free spins I meant these https://www.unibet.com/promotions/casino-promotions/happy-hour-free-spins and I think that I did not receive them because the terms for specific countries. This has been on for Finland as well at times so I presumed that to be on automatically for us again as well. I contacted customer support to remove an accepted bonus to be able to play these but then just checked the terms for the countries on so the reason was probable there not that I had an accepted bonus on. :)

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