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Given the array of challenges I've started the last month or so, that kinda fizzled out, I decided no more challenges this year, so I'm going to keep track of what I'm doing with poker in this thread. 

Will play a few free rolls over the weekend was surprised to see there are so many free rolls now, they've definitely improved from a year or so ago. 


I've decided what format to use the 2hr coaching on I won from Uhlens stream now, will be 2 man husng, I think husng are my weakest format so should be good to get some coaching in them. 

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Unfortunately they have less freerolls than a year ago because they took away the 18.05 GMT  Omaha one. Btw playing freerolls is  very grindy so I don't recommend it. Check this promo instead of the freerolls maybe you are eligible too: https://www.unibet.com/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/e-sports-48-hour-competition  Btw if you have decided to play that freerolls at all costs don't forget tonight's jackpot freerolls. GL

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Hey PSR, thanks, yes seems i was eligble so that'll be fun. 

I just played one and went out first hand, but learnt something kinda useful along the way, basically my pf stacking off ranges were way off. I think if you can play freerolls and still learn something along the way, the value goes up exponentially! I made a short video about what I learnt I'll upload it a bit later.


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A new week just starting. Nice. Feeling nicely motivated for it too. 

Weekend freeroll fun now past, I got to get back to some regular work today and plan to work fairly hard today for about 10 hours or so. 

Work aside, I got a little project for myself with poker for the time being which is to see if I can use poker as a little bit of zen training. I am quite a high adrenalin person generally in life and like getting emotionally involved when I'm playing and feeling great etc when I win a hand and cursing my opponenets when they suck out lol. 

But for the time being I decided I'm going to reluctantly put this attitude on hold, and try to be ultra zen when playing, if nothing else it'll be a fun experiment. I enjoy being emotionally involved in hands, but this is likely not the best for encouraging great bankroll management or solid play, so am going to sacrifice the feel good attachment to what I'm playing for a little bit of detatchment and see how that goes for a bit. 

I'm also on day 3 of my diet today, and so far so good. My diet is one I made myself and is super restrictive, but I've got over 8 stone I want to lose (6 would be healthy range) but i want to lose 8 and just see what it feels like. I'm broad which helps but decided I'm going to lose this weight now and just see how it feels. 

So this means no alcohol which is a big sacrafice (I like alcohol!) but all things worth while come at a cost right?

It also means I'm going to have to jettison my plans of getting to Vegas because I don't think I could trust myself to stay on a diet on holiday and definately in Vegas!

My diet is pretty simple, it's 0kcal on one day, and 600kcal on every second day , so 0/600kcal alternating days. 

Saturday I had 0kcal (just water)
Sunday I had 600kcal (3 x 200 calorie meal replacement shakes)

and now today (Monday) it's back to 0kcal day so just water. 

Poker wise tonight I'm playing the betting freeroll, which is a 500 euro freeroll for betting players. I'll also play any other freerolls that happen to be taking place tonight after I've finished my work. 

Have a great Monday all!

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Wednesday already where's the week going?

Today I decided to reboot my poker efforts, in the main because I've been inspired by @Psycho79's SNG Bankroll Challenge. 

I've always liked the 5 man SNGs, and decided to have a good go at making some progress in them. So for now that's all I'm playing, except for good value community events like the league etc. I'm using a similiar bankroll strategy as Pyscho, but I started at the 1 euros, not the 10's. So I deposited £10 earlier this morning which gave me 11 buy-ins.

I'm using this bankroll strategy:

10 - 20     Level 1       1 euro buy-ins
20 - 40     Level 2       2 euro buy-ins
40-100     Level 3      4 euro buy-ins
100-500  Level 4      10 euro buy-ins
500- ??   Level 5       25 euro buy-ins

Here are todays results: 






































Also am still on my diet which is cool, just had 400kcal today. In fact I was so busy with the grind today, I haven't even had the 200kcal I saved for tonights meal, so  I've just had 200kcal today, am going to go eat now. Good luck at the tables!

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1's and 2's went nicely. I played 120 of them in two days and profited. 

I've decided I really like playing SNGs and want to try and make a go of it. I also want to see if I actually am a winner. 

So I'm depositing enough to play the 4's today and the plan is simple. 

Play 1,000 4 euro SNGs. No moving up, just playing 1,000 of them. 

Will post semi regular updates here to let you know how it's going. 


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First 100 Games CompleteUntitled-7.thumb.png.e1cc00cececab6bad009f85bb9a635db.png

 It’s been just over a day since I started my 1,000 game SNG challenge, I started the challenge the night before yesterday, and it’s noon on day 2 now.

Things started off tough! To be honest they never really got any easier. I ran  bad (I think) at the start of the challenge, and despite running a little truer towards the end of the first 100 games I still think I ran bad. Frequently getting bad beat on the bubble, or headsup, meaning I either don’t cash or get a measly 2 euro profit instead of 8.

I need to be a little bit careful with my judgements here, because there is such a thing as subjective bias in perception, meaning that, as I was losing towards the start of the challenge, perhaps I was just focussed in on those times when I was getting beat and happily ignoring the times I sucked out on other people (and there were definately a few of those times too).

Another key factor during the first 100 games was some bad play… I tilted maybe a stack or two away, in frustration at some point during the first 60 odd games.

Mentally l I found it tough, because I had a sense of entitlement, that I should be winning more often than I was.

This is all good though because it gives me something concrete to work on in the next 100 games. This is a 1,000 game challenge, it’s a marathan not a sprint. I’m actually really motivated by the fact that I can run bad, and play bad in phases, and still profit by 5 stacks in a day and a bit. I’m hoping the next 100 games will be a lot better.

But hope alone doesn’t win games! To try to make that happen I’m going to:

  • Work hard on my mental game in the next 100 games.
  • Start using an ICM calculator to analyse spots I’ve recorded from the last 100 games.

I’ll also make a video in the next few days, to share one of those spots I found interesting and I’ll upload here and on twitter.

So 10% of the challenge complete now and profit is: €22.69.

Thanks for following, next update in a day or two.

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My 4 euro SNG challenge is on hold at the moment, while i work on my game a bit and decide on next steps while waiting to continue. So far played 130 and 2 buyins in profit, as you can see in earlier graphs, started losing and took a while to recover! 2 buyins profit after 130 games. Not fun! So am going to do some work on my game to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong.

I decided to work on my headsup game today. So am studying and also going to play 100 HUSNGs at 1 euro level. Will report back how it goes!

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Good luck! Just want to say here that HU sng at 1 euro level are not the best to train your HU game. 2 isn't either, but already a lot better than the 1 level.

If you realy want to start training you should do that at 4.... BUTTTTT... Ofcourse it's better to start your journey at level1. What I want to say is. Don't keep to much of what you learn there :p haha

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Busy day today on the tables! 

Played 125 HUSNGs. Part of my mission to learn headsup. 

+ €16

Using a 20bi move up strategy until I hit the  €10's then will switch to 40. 

1's [X] - Complete
2's [  ] - In progress



This is the war room mission control ;)graph.thumb.png.bfeb40d486bb2daf5b828a6c37600124.png



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Hey all !

Played about 500 husngs last week or so days. Was doing fine.

But today was horrible couldn't win a single hand. just ridiculous but this is poker.

Moved down, in the right places, still got shafted!

Culminating in a 1 euro deep stack mtt, where the fish calls my 3bet with JT pf, and stacks off with two pair on the turn vs my QQ with JT.

When playing isn't fun it's time for a break :)

Mental game was never my strongest weapon. I didn't even lose hardly any money, just so frustrating when you can't win sometimes.

My mental game was never my strongest point, on the tables! So good luck those of you that are playing, hope you crush in 2017 and 2018.

I'm just about to exclude myself for a year, so wont be able to post in the community any longer either, I'll only be tempted to come back and waste more time in the next week or so otherwise :-)

A bit early lol, but have a great 2018!

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