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Where did my deposit bonus go?


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I actually have the same exact problem.

I was about to make a bigger deposit yesterday using the 100% bonus up to 300€, but when I went looking for it, the bonus was gone.
It was there before for me too and I am very certain the expiration date for the offer was 17.7.

Could I get the bonus available again too? :)

By the way, thanks @Livertool for bringing us Finnish player's problems up here in the community. It's like whenever I look into one of your threads, I find an answer to something I had been wondering myself. :D

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@KKorppu, the bonus is added to your account as well :)

Just FYI in case other Finish members see this thread; @KKorppu was the last member to get the bonus. It was actually added due to a technical error in the first place, but since you asked for it before it was supposed to expire, there wasn't any issue adding it to your account.

Former community moderator
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