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12.07.17 - 1.5K GTD 25€+r NO Addon possible


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today i played the 25-rebuy MTT under the alias: ''glycerine''. During the addon-break no 'purchase addon' button appeared for me. I tried closing the client and reopening it, but it didn't help. I asked Ian who was also in the MTT in his twitch channel whether he was able to use the addon and he said he was. However only 7 out of 14 players used it, which is quite low imho, so maybe some others might've had the same problem. @ReCorpH advised me to report it here in the forum. @FeelsBadMan asked me whether i registered in the addon phase (if this is relevant), but that wasn't the case also:


After restarting the client:


Actually i was in for the max amount of bullets 3x25€ to reach the addon-phase. Thus, I payed 50€ for 3000 chips, whereas some players were able to get the same amount for 25€. This is an unfair advantage imo. I know it could turn out costly if you always compensate for stuff like that, but it's unibets job to assure that things like this don't repeatedly happen. (In my mind a 25€-ticket would be fair, but it's up to you) 

Kind regards,


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