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5 hours and still not settled?


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So I have two matches that ended earlier today, about 5 hours ago, but unibet haven't decided the matches yet.

Esports - Dota 2 i-league - CDEC vs EHOME (CDEC won)

Esports - League of Legends - 2144 Danmu Gaming vs TanChiSa (TanChiSa won)


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 Welcome to the commuity and thank you for posting about the troubles with your bet.

Every once in a while it might happen that one of your bets was not been settled by the time you expected it. Usually your bet is yet to be settled for one of the following reasons:

  • We haven’t yet received the official match report from which all pre-match bets are settled, this will happen more often for smaller sports like handball, badminton etc.
  • We have experienced some technical difficulties or made a small error which, means your bet was not updated in our system, in this case we apologize for the inconvenience.

I don't know the specific reason for why the matches weren't updated on your coupon, but I've sent a request on to our sportsbook for them to have a look at and update your coupon soon as possible :)

Former Community Manager
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Welcome to the community, @877462! :)

The bet hasn't been settled, as we're still waiting for something official from the league administration. See below Tweet from one of the clubs.


From our terms and conditions:

Should the date for an event which has not started yet, be moved not more than 3 full days prior/following the original date and time previously issued by the governing association, all bets will stand, even if the new kick off time is more than 36 hours past/previous the original stipulated time. In case an event which has not started yet, is moved more than a full 3 days, or else, the event has started and an official result cannot be declared before 36 hours have passed, the bets will be declared void.


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Cowdenbeath F.C.
4 February at 06:45 ·
Today's game against Elgin City has been postponed due to a water logged pitch. The referee said the park was unplayable following a late inspection.
A new date has not yet been arranged.
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