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I was affiliated with rakebucks.com when you were on microgaming's network. Is my account in unibet now free of this? Because I would like to affiliate it to pokerstrategy.com because they have a good library of videos but I have to reach the ranks.



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@Airmanuzzo I spoke to a member of our poker team just now: we don't offer any extra rakeback for any player that comes through an affiliate, we used to on the old network, but not anymore - you'll see that rakebucks current Unibet offer is very similar to what you'll get directly via the site. We changed this to be able to give better advantages for all players and we've been happy with the results!

Unfortunately it's not possible to change an affiliate deal and become affiliated via another site, it's not something we've ever done as it goes against the idea of why we're marketing via affiliate sites to begin with. Sorry I couldn't be to much of help except providing the information, I hope you understand.


Former Community Manager
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