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depositing with skrill in usd


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I regularly use skrill to cash in and out from unibet. I have 2 skrill accounts, one in EUR and one in USD. I usually deposit in EUR but I now want to deposit with my USD account. I used to be able to use both accounts around the same time. (so i have already used the USD account before on your site). I know you have had some issues regarding skrill and are 'whitelisting' some peoples skrill accounts. But when I try to deposit via skrill now, I can't change the email adress from the skrill account (EUR) to my other skrill account (USD). Is there anyway I can use my second skrill account as well again?


Kind regards 😃

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Hello @ThomasP and welcome to the community :)

Is the switch to your USD Skrill permanent? Reason I'm asking is, that it's not possible to have more than one Skrill registered at any time and a small process is needed for each change, where documents are sent for the Player Safety team to approve(we're required to do so when changing a payment option manually, due to EU money laundering rules). 

If you're still interested in changing the registered Skrill account, I'd be happy to inquire exactly what documents are needed, let me know :)


Former Community Manager
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