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5 Free super flip spins


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I got my 5 free spins right after I accepted bonus offer, did not win anything with them though 😏

@Reinrebane Maybe contact live chat to find a solution for your issue quicker (because the promo is only available today, it would be best to get a fast response)? Just click the 'Live chat' button on this page: https://www.unibet.com/help/contact

Edit: Ah, I see Jeppe is on it already :Thumbsup:

 @JeppeL it's just a front page banner bonus offer - to celebrate an estonian tennis players (Anett Kontaveit) successful Wimbledon performance, it's offering 5 free spins on Super Flip - when you click it, it takes you to bonus offers page where you can accept it. I remember seeing a small text that it could take a bit longer (can't remember if it was 1 day or 1 hour, but that the spins will be added eventually) I got lucky and got my spins instantly :Smile:

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@Reinrebane @lilleke21 These free spins can sometimes take longer than for others due to their technical specifications - sorry for the inconvenience. If you still can't access them within 24 hours of accepting the offer, please write here again and we'll issue some replacement spins on another game. Wish I could press on a button and solve it straight away for you guys, but this is the best we can do at the moment to be fair all around.


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