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David Lappin Hand Reviews


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Hi Everyone, 

Simon (Social Media) here, 

David Lappin is away for the Next Month doing various Poker Tours around the world. 

So instead of his regular Twitch Stream he will conduct a stream entirely out of hands posted from the Community!

So feel free to post any interesting spots from Cash, Tournaments, SnG or even Satellites and he will run the numbers and review the hell out of your hands :)

This will be in the next few weeks so post now and don't miss out. You can either send in videos from Unibet or put them into a generic hand replayer.

if you have any questions post below.


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Here's the situation: 1.5K GTD 25€+r ITM 5 left. Blinds 800/1.6K going up the next hand. Solid Reg CL shoves BU for our 12.5BB stack eff.:


What range are you calling here? Esp considering ICM and how do u construct sth like a 'default range' of a decent reg?

to bee noted/assumptions:

-hisvery first openshove, before that opening all pos. slightly over 2x 

-he will shove very wide here but not exactly sure what part of his range

-premiums (esp TT+) might not be part of his openshoving Range as he is more likely raise/calling them to induce resteals

Fistpumpcall or actually close do to ICM..? i mean we're probably often racing 60-40 vs suited-connectors & gappers n stuff, but we dominate all Ax (+assumption he minraises big pairs) plus blinds going up next hand and fairly strong table i decided to take the gamble although i generally want to avoid flips & races here  

Thx for your thoughts and keep it up David!



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Defending BB with a 10bb stack in Sjlot's €4 Final Table

Description: We got 5 left in a final table of Charlotte van Brabander's Twitch tournament. I'm the clear short stack and find a way to make a 10bb stack difficult to play. These tournaments get a mixture of guys having fun from Twitch and some higher stakes MTT players who come down to €4 tournaments because of Sjlot (:Inlove:) and the added value. So my general feeling is that laddering might be easier than in regular tournaments. 

Payouts: 1. €68.08     2. €44.64     3. €30.13     4. €22.32     5. €17.86

Not exactly life-changing payjumps, but I feel like every ft is a unique spot to practice for that one time. Which is why I've been thinking about this hand for months now but I'm still unsure about my line.

Hand history:  blinds 1k/2k ante 250  

HJ (66,7bb) opens to 4k, CO folds, BTN folds, SB folds, I (10,6bb) call from BB with 6d5d

flop 7dQsKs - I check, HJ checks

turn 4d - I bet 5k, CO raises me all-in


Reads: The villain is a MTT specialist/Twitch streamer and is one of the better players who bothers to play these. We have history from several final tables before, but I'm using an undercover-alias and he doesn't know who I am. I came into the final table with a short stack and had shoved 3-4 times without getting called. I know he's very active when he's the chip leader and ICM is hurting others.

Preflop: 2x is villain's standard sizing. In-game I was really considering every option.


I had a certain read that this opponent wouldn't open into a 10bb stack with the intention of ever folding to a shove. So I quickly figured shoving is bad. ICMizer did agree.

ICMizer's Nash calculation made him open 38% and call with just 23%. Giving me a chance to shove 24%.


But what I figured to be more realistic is that he opens with 30% and calls with the range. I could shove just 9.5%.


Thoughts on not shoving hands like KQo, QJs & 55 in this spot? Even the always shovable KQs is barely a shove and only when I put enough suited Kx in villain's range. :Teardrop:


I chose to flat. I thought that with 65s it would be pretty easy to recognize the flops I have enough equity to get it in. And with 10bb it would be pretty easy to realize that equity. But what I don't know is if 65s flops the required equity often enough to justify flat preflop? Any general advice to defending bb as the short stack in a final table?


I'm afraid the correct way to play this hand could be fold pf. Next hand I would be SB with 9.6bb, then BTN with 9bb, CO with 8.9bb... Pretty easy and profitable spots.

Flop: I miss the flop apart from little backdoor equity. I check with the intention to fold to any bet. I was expecting a ~3.5k c-bet close to 100% of the time, maybe checking-back some Ax. And he checks.

Turn:  The best turn card for my hand. But still 2/3 of the time river is going to brick, so I didn't want to check it down against an ace high. I chose to lead, but I really struggled with the sizing. I chose to bet 5k to give myself drawing odds if he shoves (slowplayed strong made hands & Adxd without a pair) and still have some stack left after the rivers I check-fold. Is this a retarded concept?

Villain shoves. I pretty much hated the turn card now, but made the call as planned.

As I learned from MathrimC's ICM calculator, even with just 6bb behind on the turn, ICM pushed the equity needed to call all-in from 27% to 36% making it a losing call. And also making the 5k turn lead  pretty terrible.


What's your line on the turn?

Showdown: Villain had flopped a set with 7s7c.

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Final table of a €4 R/A. 3 paid, 5 left. Blinds are 300/150 (25 ante)

Stacks - HJ: 32342, CO(me): 5900, BTN: 7816, SB: 4955, BB: 20987

Actions folds to me with with T♠️ 9♣️ and I min raise to 600. SB and BB call.

Flop is 8♥️ 9♥️ 3♥️. SB shoves for 4330, BB folds. Do we call? Pot would be 1925 before the shove I think.

I called because I just don't believe he has it. He had J♥️ K♣️ and hit the flush on the river.


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Saw this hand in a 100€ buyin 6max tournament, 5 handed in this instance level 2 40-20 blinds 5k stacks . Hero is a really good reg, Villain_1 has been playing a ton of pots, Villain_2 was a bit aggro.

Hero has 22. I'm curious if his line is good and the reasoning for it. 

Preflop action and stacks (blinds 20-40)

HJ 4900 -> fold

CO 3670 (Villain_1) -> open to 120

BU 5300 (Hero) -> has 22 , call 120

SB 6960 (Villain_2) -> raise 420

BB 4621 -> fold


CO (Villain_1) -> re-raise to 920

BU (Hero) -> call 920

SB (Villain_2) -> fold


Flop Ts5s4c

CO (Villain_1) -> check

BU (Hero) -> shove for his opponents effective stack size of 2750 in a 2300 pot





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Twitchreg on twitchreg action.

Preflop: maestro1908 minraises to 200 from the button. I call with 55 in the bb.

Flop: A8J check - check

Turn: 5, I bet 225, maestro calls

River: K, I bet 600, maestro shoves:


Is this foldable?

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@MathrimCI don't know how maestro plays, but readless with the 55, I think I prefer check-calling the river so he can bluff with multiple missed draws (like 76s, T8s, T7s, diamonds etc). As played, he's going to have the nuts, isn't he? KJ/K8 shouldn't be jamming, because you can have the straight, some sets and Ax two pairs. If he raises worse than A5, call. If he always has QT or a better set, then obviously you fold.

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@ArtyMcFly wrote:

@MathrimCI don't know how maestro plays, but readless with the 55, I think I prefer check-calling the river so he can bluff with multiple missed draws (like 76s, T8s, T7s, diamonds etc). As played, he's going to have the nuts, isn't he? KJ/K8 shouldn't be jamming, because you can have the straight, some sets and Ax two pairs. If he raises worse than A5, call. If he always has QT or a better set, then obviously you fold.

Do you expect (m)any bluffs once the K hits? I think in game I'd lead river to get value from any kings that might have connected to get showdown value and call behind but, with hindsight, I don't see what K he has other than KK and even QQ isn't paying you off on this river.


This is a really weird spot as I don't understand why he'd check flop and call turn with anything that justifies jamming the river unless the K gives him a set. Maybe sets of JJ, 88 or AA but even then I'd be expecting more aggression from 88 and JJ after the turn bet (as well as some draws). He should surely be c-betting all paired aces and jacks on the flop and folding any 8s to the turn lead.

I suppose his range after the turn bet can only be AA-JJ, 88. Maybe TT-99 if he's feeling fruity. He can't have QT at this point as he'd either fold to the turn bet or jam QcTc. The river jam screams sets as it would be madness to bluff on this runout, particularly as you have a lot of Ax in your range, so I suppose it has to be a fold against a thinking player.

Formerly known as StartlingGrope
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Spoiler on this one to avoid influencing analysis as I now know what Maestro had and he's asked me his thoughts. I'd be interested to know what @ArtyMcFly thinks as he may have a different viewpoint.

This is a really interesting spot and I think the river is actually waaaaaay closer than it looks. You're way ahead of his range (obviously) on the river but what worse hands call against a jam?  His range should be made up of something like AJs, Ax, QT, J8, 85, 88, 55 when he leads the river. He'd probably check-call most rag aces so his range is down to 16 combos of QT, 6 combos of sets.and loads of two pair combos. If he calls fewer than 10 two pair combos (which I think he might) then the river has to be a call rather than a raise - and that's before ICM considerations take hold. I suspect I'd jam river in game too but I think it might be a mistake against a good player (although against a bad player or a random I'm high fiving the dog and getting my chips in the middle).

If I'm playing this hand I probably c-bet the flop as there's at least one street of value from Ax, Jx and most 8s and it prevents drawing hands from getting there cheaply - there are a lot of bad turn cards for you. It also inflates the pot if your opponent has also flopped well or improves on a good turn card. If you check the flop then I like a raise on the (apparently) blank turn. Again, it boosts the pot to get paid on a favourable river card but, importantly, the many drawing hands that he'll lead the turn with are forced to either fold or jam.


Formerly known as StartlingGrope
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@ChapInAChair I agree with much of what you said 2 posts up about the Mathrim/Maestro hand. Definitely a weird spot for Mathrim.

Is there supposed to be a big reveal in the post above this one? It seems like the spoilers went wrong if you were going to show us Maestro's hand. The analysis seems very good, but I'm still not sure which hand Maestro had. Reading between the lines, it sounds like he made a bizarre check back on the flop with AJ/A8/88 or AK. All those should c-bet the flop for value/protection, and just call on the river. AK might be a river raise at some frequency, but I'm unfamiliar with the spot, because I always bet that (and two pairs and sets) on the flop. River weirdness often arises because of incorrect play on the earlier streets. :/

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Here's a hand form the UK Tour Nottingham final table that keeps bugging me.

7 people left. Blinds 10k/20k - 2k ante. I'm on the BTN with around 520k, BB covers me, but not by much (under 10bb difference I think)

I have J♣️T♥️ and open to 50k on the BTN. BB calls.

Flop Q♥️ J♥️ 2♥️ (pot 124k)

We both check

Turn 6♥️

BB checks, I bet 50k, BB calls

River 9♠️ (pot 224k)

BB checks, I bet 75k, BB shoves for 345k more, I fold

I wanted to get a bit more value from a worse flush or other bluffcatcher. Should I have checked it down and was it too big of a risk to reopen the betting in this situation?

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I know it's for lappin to review :p

But imo, when you don't have the nuts here it would have been better to just check :)

There are a lot of hands that have you beat. 

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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