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Balance history check please


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Hey guys, can you clarify I'm not losing my mind. 

I'm pretty sure I had €28 euros after my last sit n go (5 seat) game. (Won the flip, flush)

Now its €27 something.

(My History checks out with the last game being the one above)

Its minor obviously, thinking maybe the cash to pay for the sit n go didnt go through straight away?

Am I going loopy, haha too much late night poker. 



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If your account is in £ then they do a spot conversion each day when changing it into € for the poker client. It'll go up/down a few cents a day.

When you go to the main site your £ amount should not change day to day if you don't use it.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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@Kitch I'm sure one of the moderators will help you figure this out,

but my guess is, since Unibet operates in €, if you're from a country that does not use €, your balance will change slightly according to daily currency rates 😃

edit: @MoreTBC knows whats up and he is also faster than me :Thumbsup:

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