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Advice needed. . .


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Obviously higher stakes games don't change the way the hands are dealt and I'm not talking about £100 buy ins either chaps. 

I'm simply going to take a stab at a €10 MTT , going from freerolls and €1 games this is a different kettle of fish for me. 

What can I expect though as I'll be going in blind, more aggressive play, tighter games, looser games, or will it just completely random.

What is you lads experience with the €10s. 

Obviously I'll try to ignore the buy in  and ignore the prize table if I can and just play the game, guaranteed I'll get dealt KK first hand and bust anyway

(Deep stack be safer for me to get relaxed a little in the beginning of the MTT)

Any help be appreciated ,



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Play the €10 bounties at 9pm/9:30pm UK time. They're madness and if you can stay tight and win a few flips you can easily make some money. The Daily deepstack is full of nutters too :)


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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@MoreTBC I blew it mate. Haha. Lasted about 2mins . 

Although I did run deep in the €1 deep stack , making the final table and was chip lead for a while at one point. 

Then I got involved in a hand I shouldn't have and got jammed on the turn . . . game over. 


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