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The last few days the web browser has been kicking me out several times at the worst times possible eg when I have a good hand or close to money bubble

today it booted me out on the river playing the $4 $400 bounty and I had full house aces with two other players in 

went on tilt after and lost my stack in 3 hands lol


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You are the only one with acces to your account? Or you didn't try to log in to your account yourself? (from another browser or the poker client itself?) 

These things kick you out from the lobby normally, if that's not the case, then I ll leave it to the experts :D

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Sorry to hear about the issues, @PunchFace. I've added a €4 MTT ticket.

I kindly advise you to improve your internet connection as we did not have any general issues on the 23rd and checking the audit log and the actual hand it is very likely that there are connection issues on your end (you actually disconnected and re-connected earlier in the hand you mentioned).

I can't be 100% sure if it's actually the case and I certainly don't want to blame your internet connection without any reason, but the signs are pretty obvious that you'll need a better internet connection in order to improve the experience.

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